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Unfortunately, we have delayed version 3.3 until the weekend of January 6 to make sure we have everything tested and fixed. If you have suggestions or bugs found during normal usage of the site, please post them at

The Trade Federation trading channel (#tf-traders) is the official channel for the Trade Federation Department of Trade. Trading on the channel between visitors and trade advertisement is encouraged. The Department of Trade will also occasionally use the channel for IRC-only specials.
The following rules are to be followed, without exception, and respected at all times. Should a person fail to adhere to the rules, they will be temporarily or permanently removed from the channel.
Please note: All persons, in joining the IRC channel #tf-traders hereby accept these rules:
  1. Non-PG-13 language or actions are not allowed.
  2. Refrain from engaging in intolerant, abusive, disrespectful and/or hateful discussions, actions and comments (both IC and OOC).
  3. Any person or member of faction blacklisted by the Trade Federation will not be allowed access to the channel, and shall be removed upon receiving such information.
  4. Hiring, recruiting, and any other personnel ads are strictly prohibited from non-Department of Trade personnel.
  5. Trading shall be based on mutual respect, and should not be done for greed or want of exorbitant profit margins or with the intent to scam. Such traders will be warned and removed.
  6. Advertisements shall be no less than 10 minutes apart, require at least one new visitor to join the room since the last post and should not be longer than 2 lines.
  7. Slandering or public mocking of the Department of Trade, Baktoid Armour Workshop, Trade Federation or any other affiliate is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to bring any constructive criticism to us privately (PM or DM).
Failure to follow the above rules will result in a warning. After the first warning, channel administrators have the right to administer temporary bans. Continuous failure to follow the rules will result in a permanent ban. You may appeal a permanent ban to the Minister of Production.
Channel Statuses
  • & = Director of Trade
  • @ = Department of Trade staff
  • + = Traders, given at Director’s discretion.
Channel statuses (&, @ and +) are a privilege, not a right. Abusing them will result in removal of the status.
These rules are subject to change at any time by the Department of Trade. Please check often.

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