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The Department of Trade is happy that you've decided to purchase through the Trade Federation Market!
As our thanks, every member is automatically enrolled in our Market Point Programme and will receive points from all purchases from the Trade Federation Department of Trade shops and listings. You won't find this type of program anywhere else!
How many points do you receive? The value of the market points awarded equals 1% of your final discounted price. Points are redeemable at a rate of 1 Market Point = 1,000 cr.
What can points be used for? Points are able to be used as payment on future purchases from the Department of Trade and certain sellers who've elected to accept market points.
When do I receive my market points? Points are automatically added to the purchasing account after the transaction is completed. (A completed transaction is once you have reviewed an order that you've purchased from a DoT shop)
Note: Market points awarded are based on the final discounted price or in other words, the total price after any discounts, sales, or market points being used to purchase the order, rounded to the nearest whole market point.
Example: The list price of a listing is 50,000,000. A citizenship discount of 10% is applied, knocking the total down to 45,000,000. In addition to that, 5,000 market points are used, further knocking down the total to 40,000,000. This equates to 40,000 market points. 1% of this is 400 points that can be earned.

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