Year 19 Day 85   Time: 10:23
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DoT Asrat Shop will be closing from Year 19 Day 93 to Day 108 due to internal maintenance. Packaging of new orders and RM/Vehicle loading will not be available during this time.

      Sync Notes: V3.3.1
V3.3.1- Updated seller stats to show all orders not cancelled instead of just completed orders (Rik Noiz)- Updated statistics for price index, should fix all remaining issues with possible data...
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      Introducing TFM v3.3
When you visited TFM to see this article, you likely noticed that things look a bit different. You're correct, today we are proud to release the Trade Federation Market v3.3 update!This update...
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      Department of Trade Leadership Changes
It is my pleasure to announce that the Deputy Director of Trade, Drew Minga, has been promoted to the position of Director of Trade! Please refer to the Contact page for the most up-to-date list of...
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      TFM v3.2 Released
Today the Department of Trade is pleased to announce the release of TFM v3.2.0. While there are few new features to the end user, it brings minor performance improvements along with many back-end...
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      Announcing TFM 3.1!
The Department of Trade is pleased to announce our latest version of TFM, version 3.10. With this version, you will find the following updates. Please feel free to contact any TFM staff member with...
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      Murk Spring Blow-Out Sale
As the saying goes "April Showers bring May Flowers", but here at TFM April brings crazy Blow-Out Sales! Starting now through the end of April, all ITEMS, DROIDS, VEHICLES, and RMs are...
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      Federation Day Sale!
As the Federation Day excitement builds, the Asrat and Murk shops have re-opened. However, please follow any instructions as given in the Federation Day boards for your discount(s).Also, please note...
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      Holiday Season and Federation Day Schedule
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good shopping spree!Due to the Christmas holiday this weekend, please note that packaging, loading, and makeovers will be delayed, most likely until after Monday...
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      Holiday This Week
Due to the American Thanksgiving Holiday and both of our managers of makeovers for the Asrat and Murk shops being American, makeovers from Wed 11/23 thru Sun 11/27 will be delayed.We hope you...
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      October Hunting Sale!
Hunting season is in full effect, and The Trade Federation Market has your back. During the month of October and available only through the TFM website, select hunting gear will be available at a 25%...
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      Market Point Issues Resolved
After a major effort on behalf of the Ministry's High Command, the restitution of all owed market points has been conducted without technical error. Should you have any queries, or complaints...
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      Grand Opening & Appreciation Raffle
The Viceroy, High Ambassador, and Minister of Production stood behind a dias together. Deputy Minister of Production Ted Winner and Director of Trade Tanez Kalrade approached to make a short...
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      Maintenance Incoming
Greetings customers!We will be closing sales for a period of 4 weeks starting June 1st, in order to prepare for exhaustive maintenance on the site. We will continue to load and clear our orders in...
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