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Department of Trade: Asrat

Shop Location: Asrat System, (110,153)

Shop Description:

The Department of Trade is pleased to make available its shop at the northern end of the galaxy, just above the core: the Asrat Shop. The first of two Department of Trade shops, Trade Federation created the Department of Trade, and its first hub was the Asrat Hub.

Run by Baktoid Armour Workshop, this shop is ready for your orders!

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

The use of these Terms of Service is for any use or purchase of any listings, entities, and products as used by the Trade Federation Market (TFM). All customers, by agreeing to these terms, understand that all products, credits, approval, and all other actions by the Trade Federation Department of Trade are taken through Baktoid Armour Workshop (BAW), a nationalized faction of the Trade Federation designed to exclusively handle all Trade processes and opportunities. All credits shall be sent to BAW, and not to the Trade Federation.

Updates to these Terms of Service may be done by DoT at any time; notification will not be shown on the website or by email, but will simply show as an update at the bottom of these Terms of Service.

Time Between Orders
10 days shall elapse between each order, with no exceptions. This is to give our Quartermasters time to package all orders, and not multiples from a single person. While the system should not allow it, please be responsible in tracking your last purchase.

Reselling products within Asrat or nearby deep space locations is prohibited. Please honor our territory and resell at another location. Users proven to resell in this manner may be blacklisted from this shop for a short time or permanently.

Due to the amount of time and dedication it takes to quartermaster, our quartermasters will be onsite to package orders and load customers from Hubs on the 1st-3rd and 15th-17th of each month. Customers will still be able to pick up item and droid crates from assigned cargo containers as previously, but orders such as RM and Vehicles will only be available to be loaded by a Quartermaster during the above times.

Communication between DoT staff and Customers should only take place always through the Order Message system, found on the account or faction account pages for a specific order. Should a bug or suggestion be thought of or found, there are specific forum areas for these to be posted and tracked. DMs and forum PMs should not be used, and are not considered part of the order or official communication. IRC is an acceptable method of contacting DoT staff, within the channel #tf-traders.

By placing an order and confirming through the checkout process, the customer agrees that:
1) Payment will be sent immediately after the order is placed (a link is supplied via a message) in its entirety, in the amount as displayed.
2) Orders are not bogus, fraudulent, or any other way deceptive.
3) Orders will not be processed, packaged, or begin transit without full payment.
4) Customer must not be banned for any reason.
5) Customer is not blacklisted by the Trade Federation.
6) If a faction order, faction must not be dissolved during the completion of the order.

Should any of these be found inconsistent or false, DoT may at any time cancel an order with notice, and no refund shall be issued. Should a user be banned during a purchase, DoT will hold onto the order for the period of 30 days. If banned thereafter, the order will be cancelled and 90% returned to market points as per statute. Factions or NFGs that dissolve during a purchase will result in DoT sending the order to the known owner, or the last known leader if unknown.

Pickup Location
Pickup, unless otherwise specified, will be at the Asrat Trade Hub, located within the Asrat station.
‐ Items, Weapons, and Droids shall be loaded from a Asrat Hub Station B (9,12), from the specified cargo container unless otherwise specified. Customers or their designee will be added by crewlist for ease of access.
‐ Raw Materials shall be loaded from Asrat Hub Station A (9,11) unless otherwise specified. Customers must add BAW to their ship(s) crewlist for loading purposes.
‐ Ships shall be picked up from Deep Space (111,153) and not able to be made over until removed from Asrat System, (111,153) and deep space locations within 10 squares, unless otherwise specified.
‐ Vehicles shall be loaded from Asrat Hub Station C (9,13) unless otherwise specified. Customers must add BAW to their ship(s) crewlist for loading purposes.

All different locations and vessels and requests shall be conveyed, approved, and denied via Order Messages. Assigned designee will be through the order system, where customers may assign person(s) to pick up components or the whole order for the customer.

All pickups, including ships, must be picked up from their locations prior to makeover. Products found back at any pickup location will be fined according to the statutes found below.

All orders shall be picked up from their assigned cargo location within 30 days of being packaged entirely. Should an order remain in a cargo container for more than 30 days, it will be cancelled, and re-stocked. A customer may request a timeframe extention prior to the 30 days expiring, subject to Director approval. Expired orders will be refunded at 90% of total value, in the form of market points.

Due to concerns of illegal or unethical transactions, makeovers of orders purchased from DoT shops shall be sent directly to the purchasing party. In addition, credits received from other parties to pay for orders will be rejected and returned to the owner. in order to keep all parties free of liability.

Returns and Cancellations
Returns on orders already picked up is not allowed. If an order is cancelled by the customer, customer must contact via Order Message or IRC to cancel an order before the order is packaged. DoT Staff will be able to discern if an order has begun packaging or not via the web tools, even if the status is “Being Packaged.” If the order has not begun packaging, the order may be cancelled with no penalty. Else, the customer will be refunded 90% of the order quantity, excluding any additional costs, which are returned in their entirety. Refunds from cancellations will be give in form of market points. Should DoT need to cancel an order for any reason, customer will be refunded the entirety of their payment in credits, and provided a detailed explanation of reasoning.

Transferring DCs
Transferring datacards to another factory, shipyard, or other entity or owner is prohibited. Please verify your assignment ID before placing an order.

Originally Written:
Y17 D212 by T.Kalrade
Y18 D129 by T.Kalrade
Y18 D282 by Rik Noiz


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