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Mecrotica Trade

Shop Location: Phu Sector Deep Space System, (-80,-80)

Shop Description:

**Notice: Galactic Bank credit transfers are now accepted as payment when made to the Mecrosa account.**

The Mecrotica Trade shop is operated by Mecrosa, which is the public face of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, providing first-class trading services and retail sales to the entire galaxy. Mecrosa supplies to the public numerous technologies, medical items, and military hardware made available through our business partners. We invite you to visit our centrally-located shop in the Phu Sector, located near the galactic core.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

All trades with Mecrotica Trade are handled by Mecrosa. All credits shall be sent to Mecrosa immediately upon purchase. Galactic Bank credit transfers are now accepted as payment when made to the Mecrosa account.

Purchases will be made over once payment is received and the order packaged. Please allow one (1) to four (4) days for order packaging. Exception: Vehicles.

Vehicles & NPC will only be made over once they have been off loaded from our MTC to your pickup ship. (Unless a suitable ship is purchased to load to.) Once purchased you have 60 days to arrange pickup. Vehicles & NPC orders that have not been picked up within 60 days may be canceled and returned to stock. No refunds will be given.

All items (including droids) will be crated and transferred to a Class-A Cargo Container or customer purchased ship. Buyer or their representative, will be added to the crew-list of the container. Customer will have 60 days to pick up items. If you aren’t able to pick up within 60 days, you may want to purchase one of our affordably priced ships for your longer storage needs. We will load your purchases into them for no extra cost and there is then no time-frame on pickup. If needed contact Dac Kain for alternative options. If your order has not been picked up within 60 days it may be canceled and the items restocked. No refunds will be given.

Pickup, unless otherwise specified, will be at the Mecrotica Trade Hub, located within the Phu Sector at galactic coordinates (-80, -80). Our Class-A Cargo Containers are located in system at coordinates (10, 10).

Sorry, but we can not accept returns once made over. If an order is canceled by the customer, prior to makeover, please contact via Order Message, Darkness Message, or Discord Message to confirm and discuss any refund owed.

If the order has not begun packaging, it may be canceled with no penalty. Once packaging begins, the customer will be refunded 85% of the order quantity upon cancellation. Should we need to cancel an order for any reason, the customer will be refunded the entirety of their payment in credits, and provided a detailed explanation of reasoning.

Delivery: Mecrotica Trade recommends Endless Endeavors for all your delivery needs. Endless offers safe, reliable, and secure pickups from our hub at least once a month. Please contact Kez Aak or Garan Lode for a rate quote.


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