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The DoT Murk shop will remain closed from D213 to D223. Any past order picked up during the period may have to wait until the shop reopens for makeovers.

H&C Enterprise Emporium

Shop Location: Deep Space System, (105,185)

Shop Description:

H&C Enterprise is a ship production NFG. It's main center located at (105, 185) deep space. We are gathering cheapest raw material from all around the galaxy to produce cheap ships.

Our services:
- Ship sales (including free transportation)
- Ships, goods, raw material, NPC transportation (12,000 credits per hour in hyper)

H&C Staff:
Hartroff Parmenion (Director)
Valara Mar-Kayle (Production manager and logistic service)
Tratron Deggo (Logistic service)

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

H&C contact person: Hartroff Parmenion (Director)
Contact for all information via Shop`s options on TFMarket or DMs to
Hartroff Parmenion.

- Main Sale Location: Luxury Space Colony H&C Enterprise Emporium
Galactic Position: (105, 185)
System Position: (19, 10)

- Payments made after purchasing on TFMarket directly to
Hartroff Parmenion.

- Ship and raw material sales: buyer send first or one middle from Trade Federation Middlemen service is used. Unless stated otherwise, all entities are undocked, undamaged and unshielded.

- Offers are always considered. If we mutually agreed on your demands we can do business.

- No refundment if you do not have an acceptable reason.


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