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Trade Federation - Datacards

Nebulon-B Frigate Datacard  (#6891)
Posted Y17 D228
Contact the Minister of Production Ted Winner for order inquiries and or DC assignments. If Necessary.

The Nebulon-B frigate is very much the result of the Rebel Alliance. Due to attacks on Imperial convoys, the Empire needed to start protecting their shipments. TIE fighters were impractical here since they lacked hyperdrive capability, and Star Destroyers were simply too expensive to be wasted on such menial tasks. So for a while the Empire employed Corvettes for escort duty. However, it was soon discovered that the maneuverable Rebel starfighters could easily outmatch the Corvettes and the Empire needed a new solution. The answer came in the form of the Nebulon-B frigate. It has good shields, good weaponry, and is capable of carry two squadrons of fighters into battle.

While the Nebulon-B itself is slow and unwieldy, as are most vessels of this size, the fighters can handle anything that is too small or too fast for the frigate. One major advantage of the Nebulon-B design was the idea to put the hyperdrive motivators close to the primary power cells in main engineering on deck 9 in the aft section. Originally, primary communications were to be handled from deck 17, but it was later decided that the bridge would be placed there, allowing the captain more direct access to every part of the ship. Since the Imperial Navy has been assigning Nebulon-B Frigates to escort duty, Rebel pilots no longer find attacking Imperial convoys a quick and simple job.
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          1x EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate Datacard
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Corona-class frigate Datacard  (#6904)
Posted Y17 D229
Contact the Minister of Production Ted Winner for order inquiries and or DC assignments. If Necessary.

.Originally developed by the New Republic, the Corona-class frigate was a ship built out of the necessity for the Republic to safeguard its assets. It was modelled from the highly successful Nebulon-B design, which had a forward section connected to the engines and hyperdrive by a thin spar. The forward section of the Corona has also been built extending down from the main body of the frigate, while the spar has been thickened from the original Nebulon-B design to provide extra protection.

The Corona, originally designed as a military defence starship, can fulfill a wide variety of purposes due to its notable range of proficiencies. It boasts an impressive hyperdrive and ample sublight speed, meaning it is an excellent craft for escaping from pirate invaders if its extensive weapon systems do not prove formidable enough. Although the craft was built to act in a support role and to be anchored for most of its life at a main home base, it can store a significant amount of supplies in its more than adequate cargo hold. This makes it suitable to take on journeys lasting months on end.

The Corona-class frigate has gained a lot of popularity since its inception, primarily due to its ability to satisfy a wide variety of roles. It can perform as a single patrol vessel, or as support ship for larger fleet formations in major battles. Its adaptability and low cost makes the Corona a very common sight in any taskforce.
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Included In Listing:
          1x Corona-class frigate Datacard
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