Year 20 Day 212   Time: 03:10
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The DoT Murk shop will remain closed from D213 to D223. Any past order picked up during the period may have to wait until the shop reopens for makeovers.

Hrast Market

Shop Location: Asrat System, (110,153)

Shop Description:

With increase of demand for affordable produced entities Hrast Holding has began moving from mainly re-sale (80-20) to mainly production NFG.

Most of our resources are currently being shifted to this end and for time being there will be less offers on markets.

That will change during 2nd half of May 2018 when first entities are scheduled to complete their production cycle and get transported to/around Asrat system.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Items pick up location
Sector: Nouane
System: Asrat (110, 153)
System Position: (11, 7)

Payments made after purchasing on TFMarket directly to
Kopljanik Despotovic

Contact for all information via Shop`s options on TFMarket or DMs to
Kopljanik Despotovic

Possible delay time between payment and packaging up to 4 days.


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