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D&A Inc - The Core Hub

Shop Location: Xyquine System, (42,-6)

Shop Description:

D&A Inc shop is owned by CorSec and as such is registered under the CorSec Conglomerate.

Primarily producing and distributing custom weapons, produced by Derycke Enterprises
The shop is a top-of-the-line arms supplier for all sentients.

D&A Inc offers a 10% discount for Trade Federation, Tion Hegemony, Falleen Federation and Galactic Empire Citizens.

D&A Inc' products will be stored at our trading hub in the Xyquine System, over at the Corellian Sector.

Sold entities such as weapons and vehicles will be stored in containers. The client will be the only one having access to the container. The client can, if requested, have a pilot of choice added to the container for pick-up.

The client has 60 days to collect the products, and once picked up, these will be made over. Exceptions to this are ships, stations and facilities which do not require pick-up prior to makeover.

When desired, the client can also request for the delivery of goods bought in this shop at a premium fee. Free delivery options are available for bulk orders, this is negotiable.

For large Bulk orders, we allow discounts ratings.
Please contact Neria Derycke for more information. Discounts start from orders on weapons, armor and other items. Starting from 10 mill.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

D&A Inc is offering delivery for D&A Inc bought goods as a premium service.
This mainly via transport partners that the CorSec Conglomerate trust, and are reputable.

TransNet Delivery policies:
D&A Inc aims to provide a clear and fair policy for her clients and transport partners.
We continue to work to improve our service and ensure that the client does not have to worry about receiving their bought goods.

Client Service policy:
“CorSec will calculate the transport costs, client will pay half up front. Second half after delivery.
Client will provide full drop off coordinates:
-System position or ground position.
-entity name of where the goods need to be dropped into.
Client is responsible for access to the drop off point. Pilot will wait maximum 3 days, if no access is given within 3 days. ¨Pilot will be recalled, front payment won't be refunded.
Client can request to hire the service a second time, under the same conditions.
Client is responsible for the safety of the pilot, this is a contract agreement. Arresting the pilot is considered a breach of contract.
Bought goods, will be made after drop off, and completion of the service contract.

Our Price ratings:
“Hiring the service will have a starting cost of 1,500,000 credits.
Per day the pilot will be in hyperspace, we charge 250K per day in hyper, plus one day in sublight. If the amount of hyperdays exceeds 10 days. We charge 350K per day in hyper, plus one day in sublight.
Hyperdays will be calculated at piloting skill 3 and Hyperspeed 4.

Partner Policies:
D&A Inc aims to provide more work security for transport groups, we aim to protect the pilots doing the deliveries and provide CorNet Partner benefits, such as discounts on our offered D&A Inc goods.
If you are interested to join the program, please contact Neria Derycke.
Please note: We restrict the amount of partners we work with, to ensure a fair and optimal contract opportunities for our established partners.

TransNet partner policy:
“Partner will provide optimal communication with CorSec and the client. Providing eta of pickup and drop off of the goods. This to ensure a optimal cooperation between the 3 parties.
Partner will receive 100% of the contract value.
Partner is allowed to accept more contracts for one trip, if the drop off locations are in the same direction. (North, East, South, West) This to allow faster delivery for the clients. Each contract will keep its original value.
Partner can decide on his/her own to accept a contract or not. Contracts will be offered via a list with details and contract values. provided by CorSec.
CorSec can decide to remove a partner, due to not accepting contracts and only benefiting from the CorNet Program. ”

TransNet partner benefits:
“-Partner will be part of CorNet and is considered a trusted and recommended parter. This comes with advertisement, CorNet discounts on goods, sold by D&A Inc.
-As part of CorNet, you will have VIP access to upcoming CorSec Conglomerate events.
-Receive full value of the contract. Half paid up front, second half paid after completion. ”

Our current partners:
Novstar Transportation.
Endles Endeavors


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