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Garuda Trading Network - Boonta Hub

Shop Location: Boonta System, (338,161)

Shop Description:

Welcome to Garuda Trading Network Shop - Boonta Hub!

Garuda Trading Network is a Non-Faction Group, headquartered in Boonta System, Suolriep Sector, we are proudly serves Tresarian Citizen and all other sentient from North-East quadrant of the Outer Rim.

Since Boonta system is under Tresario control, we understand the needs of privacy and security of the buyer. To ensure maximum security and privacy of the buyer, we will provide a pick up point in neighboring deep space if the buyer requested.

If you have questions or any inquiries, please contact our trade officer: Clive Redrum.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

By placing an order and confirming through a checkout process from this shop:
1) Buyer agrees to send the credits first.
2) Send the payment to Clive Redrum.
3) To ensure a good trade, buyer may ask for a middle for transaction over 25,000,000cr.
4) We are only accepting CPM and TFM trusted middle and/or Alto Rexar.
5) Garuda Trading Network reserves the right to cancel transaction without notice.

Items picked up location:
Sector: Suolriep
System: Boonta (338, 161)
System Position: (7, 1)

Entities such as items will be stored in escape pod or cargo container. Buyer will be added to the crewlist of the storage container. Buyer may request another person to be added to the crewlist for pickup. Items will be made over once payment is received and the entities are picked up.

Please give us 3 - 4 days to have your purchased order to be prepared and packaged.

Entities such as ships are U/U/U unless otherwise is stated. Ships will be made over as soon as payment is received.

Delivery & TF Citizen discount is currently not possible.


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