Year 21 Day 224   Time: 17:32
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Shop Location: Okyaab System, (125,215)

Shop Description:

Among the stars of the galaxy there are a multitude of weapons manufacturers, but one outshines the others. This manufacturer, known as MandalTech, was founded thousands of years ago by the forefathers of Mandalorian culture. Establishing themselves and having built their first city, MandalTech was born with only a handful of people and basic equipment. The reason: Mandalore needed to have its own weapon producing facilities since it did not have the funds to procure weapons on the market.

They made simple but effective weapons, used to consolidate their claim on their new home world. They worked closely with MandalMining who procured the necessary resources to make their weapons. They were also greatly appreciated by the Mandalorian Warriors at the time.

As time passed, MandalTech evolved and grew. New technologies were discovered and MandalTech become an organisation that could sell to the galaxy at large as well as providing for there Vode. MandalTech now had a distinct emblem granted by the Warrior Eminence to show Mandalorian gratitude. Coloured with Mandalorian national colours of blood red and midnight black, a pair of crossed Relby K23`s floated for the first time above MandalTech HQ on Abrion Major.

Eventually, MandalTech became to be known as one of the best, if not the best, weapon producing corporation in the known galaxy. Its efficiency and dedication of the staff is impossible to match. It is still producing weapons, but with highly advanced technology far from their humble beginnings. The classic twin Relby K23`s are still the sign of a mandalorian bounty hunter and have now attracted following of amateur and professional sentients.

The famous Mandalorian Bes`kad are made by hand, from tip to bottom, as are the weapons of the Triad, showing that MandalTech does not only have genius and technology, but also dexterity, precision and patience.

Despite the end of beskar desposits, MandalTech weapons are now the best in the known galaxy for personal defence and military engagements.

Shop Terms:
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