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Baragwin Armory - managed by Werda Holdings

Shop Location: Baragwin Homeworld Denhui-Eight System, (50,180)

Shop Description:

Provides Weapons and Items of different Technology on the political neutral Baragwin Homeworld Denhui-Eight. Experts in Weapon Technology for Ages!

You can visit us in #WerdaHoldings in Holochat for any Questions or send an Message to Werda Mird with any Questions.

Please notice our Additional Terms especially about our Pickup System!

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

- Any Listing comes with an NPC Resident carry the packaged Cargo Container.
By default this NPC will be assigned to you only. However you've the possibility to purchase this NPC for additional 5,000 Credits to ensure an secure Pickup. After Item Pickup however the NPC can be returned for full Refund of the 5,000 Credits. In case NPC isn't purchased the Customer have to pickup the Items within 90 Days. Otherwise Items will be restocked and 50% of Listing Price refunded.

- Middles will be accepted. By default only: Togan Jano, Dac Kain, Bossive Ketwol, Loren Zolo or Korlan Mereel. Any other middle may be accpepted on request. If no middle is used the Buyer has to send first.

- There isn't any Table about Price Reduces. For large Orders(>10M) you can ask for Mass-Reduces.
Mandalorians may can ask for Reduces for Orders of any Size.

- Reselling at same Location without Pickup is allowed. However in that case you have to purchase the NPC for 5,000 Credits with no return and Credit Refund and have to resign on any Reduces others then special agreed to be re-sale allowed.

- Werda Holdings reserve the right to cancel a Sale at any time without any Reasons given. In case Credits are already sent they are refunded. There will be no refund for a possible Time waste in case a Customer starts travelling to Pickup before Items have been madeover and Trade is canceled.


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