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Loronar Corporation Production Solutions

Shop Location: Multiple Locations - Check Listings System, (0,0)

Shop Description:

The Loronar Corporation is a completely neutral entity and is known for producing a range of high quality goods and innovative services and systems. The Production Solutions Business Unit has sales responsibility for Loronar Fleet Systems and Loronar Defense Industries Products throughout the galaxy.

Please feel free to contact Thrane Blis, Xior Sorath, or Bjaco Acker with any questions or concerns.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

By agreeing to purchase our listings from this shop, you (the buyer) are agreeing to our terms of service, listed below.

1. You (the buyer) will send credits first in all transactions under 100,000,000 credits.

2. For orders over 100,000,000 credits you (the buyer) agrees to either send credits first or agrees to use either Tomas O`Cuinn or a Trade Federation sanctioned middle for the transaction.

3. We (Loronar) will makeover your purchase within 24 hours if you (the buyer) send credits to Loronar first. We also agree to makeover to the designated middle within 24 hours if using a middle for orders over 100,000,000 credits.

4. We (Loronar) will not put listings "on hold," but feel free to inquire about future production options.


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