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Packaging and Vehicle loading will resume today Y19 Day 357

Mecrotica Trade

Shop Location: Phu Sector System, (-80,-80)

Shop Description:

Mecrotica is pleased to make available its centrally located shop at the southern end of the Core Worlds in the Phu Sector. Mecrosa, Xuchpra, & Viraxo, combine to bring you excellent services as Mecrotica.Offering completed ships, medical supplies, and other essentials of the galactic lifestyle.

Run by Mecrosa, this shop is open and accepting orders.

SHOP UPDATE: All Ships will now be made over once payment is received.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Mecrotica Trade is the name by which the Mecrotica Conglomerate's four factions conduct business. All trades are handled by Mecrosa. All credits shall be sent to Mecrosa.

Reselling products within the Phu sector or nearby deep space locations is prohibited. Please honor our territory and resell at another location. Entity IDs will be recorded to help enforce this. Customers proven to resell in this manner may be blacklisted.

All orders will be filled as quickly as possible. In turn we ask you pick up your order asap as well.

Communication between Mecrosa staff and Customers may take place through the Order Message system, found on the account or faction account pages for a specific order. Darkness messages or Discord may also be used to Contact Dac or Aly Kain.

By placing an order and confirming through the checkout process, the customer agrees that:
1) Payment will be sent immediately after the order is placed (a link is supplied via a message) in its entirety, in the amount as displayed.
2) Orders are not fraudulent or in any way deceptive.
3) Orders will not be processed, packaged, or begin transit without full payment.

Pickup Location
Pickup, unless otherwise specified, will be at the Mecrotica Trade Hub, located within the Phu Sector at -80, -80.

Item and RM purchases must be picked up from their locations prior to makeover. Ships will be made over upon purchase.

All orders shall be picked up from their assigned cargo location within 30 days of being packaged entirely. Should an order remain in a cargo container for more than 30 days, it will be cancelled, and re-stocked. Refunds or extensions will be considered but, not promised.

Returns and Cancellations
Returns on orders already picked up is not allowed. If an order is cancelled by the customer, customer must contact via Order Message, Darkness Message, or Discord Message to cancel within five days. If the order has not begun packaging, the order may be cancelled with no penalty. Else, the customer will be refunded 85% of the order quantity. Should we need to cancel an order for any reason, customer will be refunded the entirety of their payment in credits, and provided a detailed explanation of reasoning.


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