Year 20 Day 12   Time: 23:15
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Order of Independent Trade Shop

Shop Location: -115, 170 System, (8,10)

Shop Description:

Order of Independent Trade is an independent mining corporation based out of the Hevvrol Sector. Formed from the remains of the failed Corporate Alliance, OIT is a bare bones operation focused first on profit and less on public preception.

In general, OIT is responsible for managing both the raw material and the economic needs of the Hevvrol Federation. Partnering with Kutol-Chan Industrial, the Order works on not only providing raw material assets to the public but also assist in providing inexpensive ships to the general market.

As OIT is currently a NFG, Payments should be sent to Siejo Kutol.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Payment will be due at time of order placement. Please send credits to Siejo Kutol. Raw materials will be stored on a the Trade 2 Station at the location indicated above. Once an Order is placed, the materials will be collected and transferred there. The listing will be updated at that point and the client will be able to pick them up. We ask the buyer to provide 48 hour notice of estimated time of pick up. Materials will be made over once the client has picked them up


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