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Krath Imperial Quartermaster

Shop Location: Shesharile System, (12,11)

Shop Description:

Welcome to the Krath Imperial Quartermaster, serving the citizens of Krath and beyond for 50,000 years.

Discounts are available to Krath citizens, please contact the listing's point of contact for information about a discount that may apply to you.

Available Products:
Secure Nova Crystals
Bacta patches
Bacta refills
Bacta tanks
Healing Sticks

Available DCs:
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
Corona-class Frigate
Nebulon-B Frigate
CR-90 class Corvette
DX-9 Dropship
Zeta-class Long Range Shuttle (FREE)
C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
CVI Rotating Heavy Cannon
T-21 Light Repeating Blaster
Battle Armor
Brayl-class Bulk Freighter
Escape Pod

Emperor: Talak Kasra
Lord Imperator: Raidan Spike
Lord Negotiatore: Devon Felson

By placing orders at our shop you accept our Additional Terms

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

The Krath Empire reserves the right to limit or deny any order, additionally to any rules enforced by the Trade Federation Market.

The Krath Empire refuses to conduct business with groups or individuals on the Krath Empire Trade Ban list (links below), regardless if they are able to order via the Trade Federation Market or not.

The Krath Empire reserves the right to revoke all datacards from factories or stations owned by groups or individuals on the Trade Ban, without notice or refund. The customer is obligated to inform the Krath Empire about any changes in ownership of production entities.

TB List:


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