Year 20 Day 202   Time: 07:42
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Fallons Combined Business

Shop Location: Deepspace System, (350,260)

Shop Description:

Welcome to my Shop I hope you find something you will like here

List of stuff I will be producing soon within next few months. (Hopefully)

(mabey Customs for ships)

1. Lictors,
2. Hammerheads,
3. Coronas,
4. Arquitens,
5. Touscan Fighters,
6. Dreads,
7. Firespray,
8. Pursuer-class Enforcment ship.

Item section to come eventually

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Ships/items must be picked up in 30 days extended time periods may be considered ( If items are not picked up in 30 days they will be moved to one of my stations for pick up ) (Items will be placed in escape pods for pick up and person will be assigned)

No reselling ships or items in Deepspace location 350,260 if caught you may be blacklisted and not allowed to purchase future listings. They will need to be moved before you can re sell.

All items are undocked and undamaged

Buyers sent first or we can use any of the following Middles Tomas, Syn, Dac Kain or Tanez


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