Year 20 Day 202   Time: 08:20
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Harron Point

Shop Location: Deepspace Harron Sector System, (160,10)

Shop Description:

Welcome to our Harron Point Station, a Golan II at 10,10 of the deep-space location 160,10. Harron is our closest outpost to the core and serves as a depot for all our scheduled raffles.

Our raffles run biweekly and will entail a vast verity of wares ranging from wildlife to military gear to employment contracts(npc's).

What differentiates us from the others? Harron point is home of the Illustrious artist known as Nurple, he sees to it that all items raffled are deployed with custom paintjob.

The GSA is open to all factions and all beings from all ages religion and classes, nor does she take any side in the galactic conflict. It's individual members may have their own allegiances and they are not made to work with those they would not abide. Any differences you have may be addressed to Altair Lopez, in case you have a difference with Altair Lopez we wish you all the best.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Lifetime members of the GSA are allowed to purchase tickets to the raffles and send credits for 1 less ticket, they are also allowed to send no credits for just 1 ticket. they do not automatically receive a ticket but do receive a DM with the opportunity to act on it before the raffles end.

GSA lifetime membership fee is kept at 3m and will be capped to 10 million credits on Y19D100

the GSA reserves the right to increase it's membership fee at any time. Members that became a member prior to that time do not pay more for continued membership.


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