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As a reminder when purchasing from DoT Asrat, packaging of items and vehicle/RM pick-up occur on the 1st-3rd and 15th-17th of each month. Please plan your pick-ups accordingly.

Harron Point

GSA Lifetime Subscription  (#9563)
Posted Y19 D101
Galactic Slugging Association

As a subscriber you will receive the following benefits:

-1 Free raffle ticket for any of the frequent raffles hosted by the GSA on each raffle.
-An interview with you exclusively regarding your pet Slug and you, with full artistic freedom on both sides.
-An exclusive enhancement treatment by specialist Altair Lopez. Simply assign Altair Lopez as master and within a week you will see the results! (A small and large custom image applied to one of your beloved pet Granite Slugs )
-Free admission to the breeding program as stated on the Holosite.
-If you do not have a Granite Slug and wish to obtain one of perfect breed, you can be placed on the waiting list of our special breeding project and a specimen will be selectively set aside for you to obtain.

For a lifetime subscription to the Galactic Slugging Association, you only require making a one time donation of 10 million credits!

buy this listing: Send 10,000,000 credits to Altair Lopez and receive all previously named benefits.

please be warned that:
1 subscription per sentient is allowed, for more information please visit our Holosite.
Stock Listing

Stock: 98


56,907,328 (Avg)
4.95   (59 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Other Services
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GSA -Biweekly- RAFFLE  (#10566)
Posted Y19 D287
2 squadrons of R-41

2 Squadrons of R-41 Starchasers.
nAs always Nurple will handle the tuning and custom paint job to your every satisfaction.
nTo be collected at Harron Point 160,10
nIf you are a GSA subscriber, you get a free ticket to this raffle!!!
n(Just purchase 1 and send no payment or purchase multiple and send payment for 1 less.)

Tickets: 79/100

4.95   (59 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          24x R-41 Starchaser

GSA - Biweekly RAFFLE!  (#10567)
Posted Y19 D287
making up for lost times

Already comes with a snazzy paintjob.
nTo be collected at Harron Point 160,10
nIf you are a GSA subscriber, you get a free ticket to this raffle!!!
n(Just purchase 1 and send no payment or purchase multiple and send payment for 1 less.)

Tickets: 69/100

4.95   (59 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          12x N-1 Starfighter

Overlord Challanger #2  (#10609)
Posted Y19 D294
Become the new Slug Overlord

Yes this listing is higher, thats because I now listed all entities involved at TFM avg price. That does not mean you still can't make a good offer, it just means your offer now needs to be better.

The term of Overlord Lopez has come to an end and with that a long and bountifull reign over the GSA.

Purchase this listing to receive complete control of the GSA upon winning the election. Election is held in form of a grudgematch that will start as soon as all slots have been taken.
In addendum to what is listed here the winner of the grudgematch will receive ownership of this shop and anything on raffle by the GSA.

Credit infusion to level of current ticket value in shop (you get that lettus.)
1 request for Nurple.
City Sluggocopeia 68%free
Sector: Emmo
System: Chamm (30, -40)
Planet: Chamm II (18, 18)
Surface: (13, 9)
Sprint is full of medical supplies.
Offers in form of any assets will be considered.
As Slug Overlord you determine the future of the GSA.
Commes with 28 player character subscribers to do with as you see fit!

1st Candidate - Orion Jenru
2nd Candidate - tba
Candidates are allowed to campaign from the moment they paid their bill.
Single Sale

285,076,209 OR BEST OFFER

265,348,010 (Avg)
4.95   (59 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Golan II
          1x Luxury Space Colony
          2x Granite Slug
          1x Corellian Sand Panther
          1x Spice Grub
          1x Tauntaun
          1x Slashrat
          1x Quizzer
          1x Common Thranta
          1x Forest Ranger
          2x Republic Gunship
          2x WLO 5 Speeder Tank
          8x AT RT Walker
          1x Clone Blaze Trooper Armor
          1x Razor-class Starfighter
          1x Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
          3x DX-9 Dropship
          1x Sprint-class Rescue Craft
          1x City Slab
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