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Own your own slug!  (#9208)
Posted Y19 D82

Sector: Torch Nebula

System: Shownar (194, -368)

Planet: Shownar II (14, 13)

City: Er'edal (4, 15)

Ground: (17, 19)
Single Sale


2,000,000 (Avg)
4.92   (76 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Granite Slug
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Sentients best friend  (#9216)
Posted Y19 D82
Aak dog

Despite how this specimen was obtained, I do very much like dogs, but the memories of his dying mother are a bit to vivid in memory, hence why I locked it in an escape pod and now it is drifting in deep space waiting for it\'s new owner.

comes with ownership of the escape pod at:

Deep space, near the core
Galactic Position: (160, 10)

As a middle i\'ll accept Dac Kain or Tanez Kalrade.
Single Sale

200,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

0 (Avg)
Seller: Altair Lopez
5   (1 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Akk Dog
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Domesticated Tauntaun  (#9217)
Posted Y19 D82
Bred from race winning parents

This badboy is ready and trained to perform whatever task you have set out for him, trained as a fine hunting companion he won\'t be afraid of incoming shells or blaster-fire. It\'s thick hide and good footing makes him excellent in nearly every situation.

Waiting for you in an escape pod (including ownership of the escape pod) at Galactic Position: (160, 10)

deep space near the core

As a middle I\'ll accept Dac Kain or Tanez Kalrade.
Single Sale

125,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

0 (Avg)
Seller: Altair Lopez
5   (1 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Tauntaun
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Hawkbat  (#9218)
Posted Y19 D82
Potentially holds secrets

This Hawkbat is rumored to have belonged to a member of the Eidola Pirates and is said to know the location of a hidden treasure.
I have tried to interrogate the creature using various methods (item is undamaged) but have failed to get it to talk.
The last few months I had it sitting beside the nav to see if the creature would let anything on but that to did not bare fruit. (fruit seems to make it angry.)
Before I lower myself into torturing small animals, I decided it was time we part ways.

Hawkbat is located in an escape pod at 160,10 (comes with ownership of the escape pod)

deep space, near the core

As middle I\'ll accept Dac Kain or Tanez Kalrade
Single Sale

35,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

0 (Avg)
Seller: Altair Lopez
5   (1 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Hawkbat
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