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Belt  (#6579)
Posted Y17 D221

Often little more than a strap of leather, the belt is an item of clothing typically worn around the waist. Larger versions referred to as bandoliers may be worn across the shoulder.

Primarily used for keeping one's pants from falling, belts are highly customizable and come in varying sizes and colors. They are a staple of many sentient outfits, from the fearsome Sith to the ignoble builder.

Belts can also be used for storage. Holsters and pouches can be added by a skilled tinkerer to allow the wearer to carry a holdout blaster, or any number of small items. For a larger capacity, belt-wearers typically choose a heavy belt or specialized variations, such as a tool belt.
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          11x Belt
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Tool Belt  (#6613)
Posted Y17 D221

A tool belt is a band of flexible material, usually leather, worn around the waist for the purpose of storing or securing tools. Due to the simplicity of its construction and modular design, the tool belt comes in many variations and configurations to suit the needs of professionals everywhere. Unlike other more cumbersome equipment storage containers, the tool belt ensures mobility and easy access to the most important tools of the wearer's trade. This allows the flow of work to progress more efficiently, as well as increase the productivity of a sentient being during a project.

Over the millennia, the general design of the tool belt has not changed. It still consists of multiple pouches, fasteners and hooks that allow for various types of equipment and tools to be securely attached. While the material chosen for their creation depends on the species and the resources that species has access to, it is fairly common for tool belts to be made out of leather, or hide, due to its durability and availability throughout the galaxy.

As technology has advanced and became more prevalent, metals have been introduced to reinforce the structure of the tool belt, and devices implemented to aid in the flow of movement while being worn. As it has been in the past, the tool belt will continue to be considered essential equipment for professionals of all walks of life, due to its usefulness and the ease with which it can be manufactured.
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          10x Tool Belt
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Large Backpacks  (#6675)
Posted Y17 D223

The large backpack is designed for those who need more carrying capacity than is afforded by other, smaller load bearing equipment. The large backpack comes in many colors and styles and uses a simple weight-distribution design to make the load feel lighter and more balanced. The backpack can comfortably carry all manner of cargo -- from blaster rifles, medical items and computer equipment, to fine clothing and wine. Because the large backpack is such a practical piece of equipment it is commonly found with professionals such as scientists, explorers and military personnel, as well as the average citizen of the galaxy.
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          7x Large Backpack
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Vertical Lockers  (#6688)
Posted Y17 D223

Vertical lockers are ubiquitous and utilitarian storage units throughout the galaxy. The overall appearance and construction may change from one location to the next, depending on local norms and decor, but they are usually recognizable in function by any sentient. Because lockers make more efficient use of vertical space to increase storage density per cubic meter, they are preferred over trunks where available floor-space is more of a concern than portability.

The vertical locker is manufactured for public use and is now a common sight at spaceports, on board first response and emergency vessels, at recreational halls, as well as at popular vacation spots and schools throughout the galaxy. Freighter pilots also use them to maximize limited cargo space on board smaller vessels. Establishments with a large work force on rotational shifts, such as government military branches, find lockers especially useful in organizing their personnel. Additionally, they are used to comply with local health and safety ordinances where potentially dangerous materials and equipment are present.
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          4x Vertical Locker
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Safe  (#7278)
Posted Y17 D332

A staple for anyone who has something valuable to keep, the safe is a necessary safeguard against theft. With a thick durasteel case, it can protect credits and valuable gems from tampering, laser blast, and fire. Only the owner can access the contents by a single keycard, providing a high level of security. The large capacity makes it an excellent storage option for both corporation and civilian uses.
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Stock: 2,451


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          3x Safe
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