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Bacta Tank  (#6574)
Posted Y17 D221

The bacta tank is one of the most widely used and greatest medical breakthroughs known to the modern galaxy. After the discovery of the miracle healing properties of bacta, medical companies throughout the galaxy spent millions of credits in the development of goods and medicines to harness the power of bacta. The bacta tank is one product of those efforts. Alos known galaxy-wide as bacta baths or rejuve tanks, these entities are a common sight inside hospitals and capital-class ship medical bays.

Standing more than 2 meters in height, these tanks of durasteel and transparisteel house hundreds of gallons of bacta and other synthetic solutions to mimic the natural vital fluids of the galaxy’s wide range of sentient beings. Bacta tanks are known as the one of the most effective of revitalization and healing treatment. Patients are submerged in the tank for hours, according to a moving scale based on the severity of one’s injuries. While submerged, the natural effects of the bacta lull patients into a trance-like state that is immediately broken upon removal from the tank. Patients undergoing bacta treatment are swathed in minimal amounts of white clothing, typically briefs for males and gowns for females. Each patient must wear a breath mask that provides a steady supply of the sentient’s needed atmospheric gases while immersed in the tank.

After each use, the contents of the tank are flushed and then undergo a cleaning and disinfection process before they can be refilled for another treatment session. While the typical bacta tank is often found stationed in medical centers, portable models do exist. These models, are often inflatable tub-like constructs that require the patient to lay on their backs. Not only are these models smaller, they require less bacta, as the solution is filtered and pumped over the patient’s supine body.
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Stock: 106


6,091,998 (Avg)
4.86   (1,065 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          2x Bacta Tank
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Laser Scalpel  (#6576)
Posted Y17 D221

The laser scalpel is a small, hand-held cutting tool used by doctors. It usually has the same thin, curved handle and short edge as bladed scalpels because of the efficiency of the ancient design. However, a few different versions may be found, depending on a doctor's preference. A light durasteel casing is used to keep the laser from eroding the tool while still keeping production costs low.

Most operations are done by medical droids with specialized equipment, but the scalpel is still the most popular tool when doctors work with life-preserving cybernetics. Every doctor has one, if only to install cybernetic parts. The laser scalpel is still used for other operations as well, but as medical droids have become more efficient at everyday medicine the laser scalpel has fallen in popularity.
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Stock: 774


8,015,500 (Avg)
4.86   (1,065 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          50x Laser Scalpel
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MediKit  (#6577)
Posted Y17 D221

MediKits are variously sized packs containing a variety of medical equipment necessary for emergency and acute medical care while in the field. Sometimes called medpacs, health packs or survival packs, each unit ranges in cost and size. While the larger medikits can be found located within starships and planetary facilities, the smaller medpacs are often carried by combat medics and planetary adventurists alike.

Regardless of size, all kits contain essential generic items such as hyposprays, laser scalpels, spray-bandages, bone stabilizers, bacta patches, arrays of medications and a portable defibrillator. Each unit typically also carries a sample analyzer and handheld medisensor to help the user determine the best course of treatment. The less expensive medikit scanners are simple in design and programming and usually only house the treatment directions for one species at a time. For these models, programming packages are sold at additional cost, although a sentient could still only be able to treat one species at a time.

As the price and size of medikits increases, the contents also diversify in both count and sophistication. The average combat medikit would hold all the generic items in a plentiful nature, in addition to injectable bacta solutions, stimulants, synthflesh, pressor or repulsor field generators, more advanced medisensor technology and even synthetic nutrient replicators.

Although most medikits are sold stocked, medical packs across the galaxy are notorious for being customized and refitted. Despite this fact, all packs share the necessary role of being the first step in emergency medical care and often contain enough resources to patch up even the most severe of traumas. However, after each mission the contents of the packs are always inventoried and anything missing is replaced to make sure the medikits are always available for use when needed.
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Stock: 412


3,891,972 (Avg)
4.86   (1,065 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          7x MediKit
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Stimpack  (#6578)
Posted Y17 D221

Stimpacks are used to heighten one's awareness and physical energy for a brief period. The needle is injected into the veins on the arm and the liquid spreads around the body increasing Vigor and Strength by +1 for 24 hours. However, due to the drowsiness-inducing chemicals used in its production, it causes +10 stun for up to 6 hours after the 'high' has worn off, and dosages are strictly controlled to a single Stim per day.
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Stock: 301


4,263,468 (Avg)
4.86   (1,065 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          22x Stimpack
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Antidote  (#6615)
Posted Y17 D221

Antidotes are one of the most commonly seen medicines within a clinic, hospital or medikit. Each antidote unit is composed of an individually-packaged sterile hypodermic needle and syringe filled with a pre-measured amount of the specific anti-toxin, serum or other counteracting agent, each designed for a single use.
Mass-produced in the laboratories of medical supply corporations, each batch contains twenty antidote units, all with the same type of counteractive drug. While some companies focus on the production of specialized antidotes for the more rare cases, most suppliers offer the same list of antidote agents. Therefore, each hospital or medical bay often stock multiple batches of various antidote types. The stock on hand at each clinic varies, depending on the risk and possibility of needing to treat certain conditions.

Throughout the galaxy, millions of antidotes exist and are tracked by the "Galactic Counteractive and Anti-Toxin Drug Database" or "G-CATDD". This organization is responsible for keeping up-to-date information and usage specifications for all antidotes that are commercially produced. This highly advanced database is split into categories based on galactic location, type of antigen, and rarity. Thus allowing medical centers across the galaxy to properly prepare and stock for only the most relevant of illnesses and poisons. The G-CATDD is also responsible for keeping an active stock of antidotes for the rarest of agents and are able to distribute these from several regional centers.
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Stock: 744


7,461,020 (Avg)
4.86   (1,065 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          35x Antidote
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Vanguard Patrol  (#9114)
Posted Y19 D76
Asrat 110,153

(Custom image) Dreadnought, with support vessels and high level personnel.
Single Sale


228,283,691 (Avg)
4.97   (43 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
          12x Toscan 8-Q Starfighter
          12x T-wing Interceptor
          3x YT-2400
          1x Sprint-class Rescue Craft
          1x Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle
          12x Rifleman
          12x Scout
          12x A280
          12x A295
          12x Jetpack
          24x Macro Binoculars
          24x Breathing Mask
          12x Corellian Powersuit Armour
          12x Corellian Powersuit Helmet
          100x Bacta Refill
          2x Bacta Tank
          12x Relby K-23
          12x Camouflage Scout Armour
          12x Camouflage Scout Helmet
          12x C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
          70x Healing Stick
          12x Thermal Goggles (Heat Sensor)
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Seach and Resque  (#9215)
Posted Y19 D82
Sprint + basic supplies

Are you the experienced pilot ready for an a-class emergency light-freighter? I had it stocked with some basics and even fitted with bacta tank ready to take off at :

Galactic Position: (160, 10)
near the core
Single Sale

7,765,000 OR BEST OFFER

14,841,515 (Avg)
Seller: Altair Lopez
5   (2 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          7x Healing Stick
          10x Bacta Patch
          10x Bacta Refill
          4x Antidote
          1x Bacta Tank
          1x Sprint-class Rescue Craft
          4x Laser Scalpel
          5x Stimpack
          3x MediKit
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