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DoT Asrat Will be Closed to new sales and vehicle loading January 1-31 to celebrate the Galactic Concordiate Biennial Gala. QM will be onsite through the 3rd for vehicle loading.



R 1 Astromech Droids  (#10285)
Posted Y19 D261

The R1 was also the first astromech to calculate navigational coordinates for a single hyper jump; previously it had to be done manually. The R1 is so sophisticated that it can be left to pilot the capital ship on its own until it reached its destination, even if the pilot needs to enter another ship docked within.
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          1x R1 Series Astromech
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R 2 Astromech Droids  (#10287)
Posted Y19 D261

The R2 was created for vehicle and spaceship repair with a compact design that enables it to fit easily in a common starfighter. When 'plugged' into a ship, the R2 droid can monitor flight performance, fix technical problems, and can give power boosts from the ship's energy source.
n The common production-model R2 includes two manipulating arms, circular saw, holographic projector, and fire extinguisher.
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          1x R2 Series Astromech
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R3 Astromech Droids  (#10326)
Posted Y19 D263

The R3 design was the first astromech produced specifically for one group, the Empire. It was the first astromech to be released after the R2 series. In the gap between the launches of the R2 and R3, droid manufacturers continued updating and developing new technologies. They added these into their popular R2 series, but the Empire wanted a droid all to its own. The R3 was the answer, as it was programmed with several naval tactics, adding to the crews' ability to command. It also was a capable repair droid servicing the massive Star Destroyers that the Empire so relied upon. Unlike the R2, this little droid comes armed with a scout blaster, allowing it to help defend against enemy boarding operations and even useful in the disciplining of officers.
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Included In Listing:
          1x R3 Series Astromech
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