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As a reminder when purchasing from DoT Asrat, packaging of items and vehicle/RM pick-up occur on the 1st-3rd and 15th-17th of each month. Please plan your pick-ups accordingly.



Battle Droid  (#6557)
Posted Y17 D221

Designed several years before the Clone Wars, the Battle Droid makes up the main infantry force of the Trade Federation. The droid's head was designed to imitate the shape of a Neimoidian's skull to strike fear in their enemies, while their bodies were modeled after the Geonosians.
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Stock: 142


6,281,441 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Battle Droid
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T-Series Tactical Droid  (#6565)
Posted Y17 D221

In terms of strategy and management, the T-series Tactical Droid was created as a more reliable alternative to the B1 Battle Droid and B2 Super Battle Droid. This was demonstrated in testing by their competent command of forces, from squads to entire fleets. As with most other military droids, they were designed to have varying paint schemes to signify rank.
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Stock: 1,490


785,134 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x T-Series Tactical Droid
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BN-DO Assassin Squad  (#8629)
Posted Y19 D44
Crated & Ready to Go!

These droid squads are complete and in their original crates. They just need activated and a target set and they are ready to perform. Located in system @ the Mecrotica Trade Hub @ -80, -80 in a cargo container. We will make over upon credits sent and add the buyer or their representative to the crew-list of the container. Buyer has 90 days from time of purchase to pickup droids or the order will be cancelled with no refund and the droids recycled. All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly produced by Viraxo and brought to you by Mecrotica.
Stock Listing

Stock: 26


8,615,220 (Avg)
5   (212 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          12x BN-D0 Assassin Droid
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Battle Droid  (#9903)
Posted Y19 D164

This listing is for 1 single Battle Droid
nSend Credit's Directly to Cerberus Corporation,
nWe will makeover the droid within 24 hours.
nSector: Calaron
nSystem: Ku`Bakai (412, 111)
nPlanet: Kubindi C (17, 6)
nCity: TSK Kubindi C 00 00 (0, 0)
nCerberus does not offer any discounts
Stock Listing

Stock: 990


6,281,441 (Avg)
5   (4 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Battle Droid
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U/U/U ISO-5R droid in epod in Serro  (#10595)
Posted Y19 D292
(100, 195)

Both droid and epod come with full ownership.
nSector: Ploo
nSystem: Serroco (100, 195)
nPlanet Orbit: Serroco (11, 11)
nBy buying any listing you agree, that if we use a middle it will ONLY be reputable :
nI do not accept others.
nBy default : No delivery
nI do not guarantee that what I am selling is unshielded in the future, unless otherwise stated in the list
Single Sale


169,464 (Avg)
Seller: Daehd Moroz
4.99   (68 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Escape Pod
          1x ISO-5R
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