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Pit Droid  (#6570)
Posted Y17 D221

The common pit droid, or DUM unit, is mass-produced throughout the galaxy. Their saucer shaped heads have two antenna used to communicate with other droids.
Stock Listing

Stock: 1,574


50,000 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Pit Droid
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G2 Droid  (#6647)
Posted Y17 D222

The G2 repair droid, otherwise known as the "Goose Droid", is a versatile unit designed for use by Star Tours Spacelines. Introduced to the galaxy by SoroSuub, the droid began production in the decade following the end of the Clone Wars.
Stock Listing

Stock: 128


274,914 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x G2
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ASP 707  (#6648)
Posted Y17 D222

The ASP-707 has a humanoid-like skeletal frame that is cast in a metallic-grey alloy. Its joint and pivot points are simple and are left in plain sight, which makes the saying, "what you see is what you get," true with the ASP droids.
Stock Listing

Stock: 545


500,000 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x ASP-707
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D8 Smelter  (#7271)
Posted Y17 D325

Smelting facilities are common on resource-rich planets where much of the production process takes place. The furnaces of these factories stand over thirty meters high and easily reach temperatures of over 1,600 degrees all day long, every day of the year. Several steps in the metal processing can be done more efficiently with the aid of intelligent laborers. However, these conditions make the work unbearable for most biological beings. Specialized droids were developed to take over these tasks. The initial development was done by a group of droid manufacturers from the Verpine race, who based the droid appearance on themselves. This is why the D8 models have such long limbs and complicated leg joints. The greatest challenge, however, lay in fireproofing the droid. Every D8 model had to operate in an eternal oven, where furnace-feeding air blasts melted most alloys within minutes. Therefore, each body part had to be cast from a high grade durasteel molecularily bonded with kevlex. This off-white substance has a melting point of over four thousand degrees. The whole design of the D8 was based on operating under these circumstances, so the installed photoreceptors are mounted in a protective casing and operate only in the ultraviolet range, giving these droids very limited eyesight. Verpines, being the way they are, installed a relatively complex personality matrix in each of the D8 models, so they could converse with fellow workers on the odd occasion that they would be
Stock Listing

Stock: 479


350,000 (Avg)
4.88   (1,302 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x D8 Smelter
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U/U/U Minimech droid in epod in Ser  (#10596)
Posted Y19 D292
(100, 195)

Both droid and epod come with full ownership.
nSector: Ploo
nSystem: Serroco (100, 195)
nPlanet Orbit: Serroco (11, 11)
nBy buying any listing you agree, that if we use a middle it will ONLY be reputable :
nI do not accept others.
nBy default : No delivery
nI do not guarantee that what I am selling is unshielded in the future, unless otherwise stated in the list
Single Sale


169,464 (Avg)
Seller: Daehd Moroz
4.99   (68 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Minimech CE
          1x Escape Pod
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