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Battle Armour Datacard  (#6694)
Posted Y17 D223

Battle armour has been around for centuries. Modern energy-dissipating suits have evolved from metal plates attached to a basic body glove and have seen countless upgrades and modifications throughout the years. Many forms of armour now use a quantum-durasteel alloy to provide better trauma protection over critical areas, while hight-tensile micro-fiber mesh protects extremities from cuts and ballistic penetration.
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Stock: 638


1,139,708 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Battle Armour Datacard
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Belt Datacard  (#6695)
Posted Y17 D223

Often little more than a strap of leather, the belt is an item of clothing typically worn around the waist. Larger versions referred to as bandoliers may be worn across the shoulder.

Primarily used for keeping one's pants from falling, belts are highly customizable and come in varying sizes and colors. They are a staple of many sentient outfits, from the fearsome Sith to the ignoble builder.
Stock Listing

Stock: 883


500 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Belt Datacard
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Biological sensor pack Datacard  (#6696)
Posted Y17 D223

The Biological Sensor Pack (BSP) is the counterpart to the Energy Sensor Pack. Limits in technology at the time prohibited the creation of a combined, portable unit that could provide focused scanning capabilities for both biological and non-biological entities. Instead, each type of sensor unit was separated, reduced to the core components, and then readied for production as a portable unit.
Stock Listing

Stock: 602


562,882 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Biological Sensor Pack Datacard
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Camouflage Tent Datacard  (#6697)
Posted Y17 D223

Camouflage Tents have always been developed for a sole purpose - to conceal the person within. Made from materials that are meant to ensure the concealment of the tent in the undergrowth of forests or jungles, it is a common misconception that it actually makes the user of the tent invisible.
Stock Listing

Stock: 986


302,424 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Camouflage Tent Datacard
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Combat Armour Datacard  (#6699)
Posted Y17 D223

Combat armour is commonplace throughout the galaxy; it is regarded as a standard piece of equipment for mercenaries, soldiers, security officers and most other combat-oriented professions. Because of this, one can see it in virtually every city and space station in the known galaxy.
Stock Listing

Stock: 935


924,279 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Combat Armour Datacard
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Crafting Kit Datacard  (#6700)
Posted Y17 D223

The crafting kit is a group of tools contained within a metallic container that acts as a small workbench and allows the user the ability to create small items, such as simple weapons and keycards. Due to its size, the kit is easily portable and is often seen being used by those without access to a full workshop where more complex items are manufactured. The kit is a favorite among various security firms and underground organizations that require quick and unnoticed production of various materials.
Stock Listing

Stock: 898


313,732 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Crafting Kit Datacard
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Energy Sensor Pack Datacard  (#6701)
Posted Y17 D223

The Energy Sensor Pack (ESP) is similar in design to those found on vehicles, starships, and stations. It was built to provide a portable, non-biological, focused scan capability when a mounted sensor suite was undesirable or otherwise unavailable. The ESP became an immediate success and fulfilled a variety of needs that ranged from military operations and starport customs, to research and survey teams.
Stock Listing

Stock: 800


772,330 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Energy Sensor Pack Datacard
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Handled Shield Datacard  (#6702)
Posted Y17 D223

The handled shield is a hand-carried personal protective device commonly deployed by government agencies and paramilitary organizations seeking to enhance both safety and mission capability. Designed to protect the user from blaster fire, shrapnel and thrown projectiles, the handled shield is most effective during urban and close quarters combat scenarios.
Stock Listing

Stock: 912


772,330 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Handled Shield Datacard
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Macro Binocs Datacard  (#6704)
Posted Y17 D223

Macro binoculars are handheld optical instruments which allow the user to view objects from afar and are possibly the most widespread surveillance device in the galaxy. While the most common models are capable of extending one's sight up to several miles, from a good vantage point, high-quality models have proven effective at much greater distances.
Stock Listing

Stock: 840


684,274 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Macro Binoculars Datacard
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Mask Datacard  (#6705)
Posted Y17 D223

Available in a wide range of shapes and styles, which are directly related to the purpose for which they're worn, masks have been found in every culture across the entire galaxy.
Stock Listing

Stock: 964


5,000 (Avg)
4.91   (1,683 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Mask Datacard
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