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Battle Armour Datacard  (#6694)
Posted Y17 D223

Battle armour has been around for centuries. Modern energy-dissipating suits have evolved from metal plates attached to a basic body glove and have seen countless upgrades and modifications throughout the years. Many forms of armour now use a quantum-durasteel alloy to provide better trauma protection over critical areas, while hight-tensile micro-fiber mesh protects extremities from cuts and ballistic penetration.

The drawback to such improvements is the increased weight, although lighter and more efficient modern materials go a long way to mitigate encumbrance. User mobility is decreased, but this is usually seen as a good trade for the extra protection provided. Additionally, no special training is required to use battle armor--a common limitation with more advanced powersuits. For this reason, battle armor is favored by mercenaries, security firms, and small armies who may not have the funds, time, or training to make use of more advanced models.

Although modern battle armour is widely employed throughout the galaxy, it does little to protect against extreme environmental hazards, such as the arctic climate of Hoth or the baking heat one would encounter on Tatooine. For these types of conditions, specially designed survival suits are still regularly employed.
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Stock: 405


1,139,708 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Battle Armour Datacard
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Ceremonial Armour Datacard  (#6698)
Posted Y17 D223

Common throughout the galaxy wherever ceremony or ceremonial presence is needed with a touch of flare, Ceremonial Armour is a well known element employed by many military and non military entities alike to create a sense of cultural or social presence. While the garb does give one the appearance of importance it provides little protection in actual combat situations. It is because of this that Ceremonial Armour is usually reserved for what it is named after, ceremony.

Ceremonial Armour is usually made of lightweight textiles and possibly light armour padding. Because this armour must give the wearer the appearance of importance as well as provide a flexible frame to provide comfort during social occasions, it is usually encased in a thin shell that can be made of many different materials, usually metallic in origin in order to provide a sheen when polished. It is not uncommon in cultures around the galaxy to have people of importance wear this type of armour during social, political, or ceremonial purely for the status it usually conveys to others.

There are times when this armour is used in combat, while ill advised due to how little armour it actually provides its wearer, it can and usually is used by people or officers of importance on the battlefield. Such armour is noticeable and during the confusion of combat can provide troops a quick rally point for orders or other military affairs. The downside of wearing ceremonial armour is that the high visibility and limited protection of the armour can make the wearer more of a target than a rally point.
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Stock: 996


100,000 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Ceremonial Armour Datacard
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Combat Armour Datacard  (#6699)
Posted Y17 D223

Combat armour is commonplace throughout the galaxy; it is regarded as a standard piece of equipment for mercenaries, soldiers, security officers and most other combat-oriented professions. Because of this, one can see it in virtually every city and space station in the known galaxy.
Though using specific armour for combat is an age-old idea, in recent centuries improvements and minor modifications have been made to the armour. These improvements have allowed modern combat armour to be lighter and more flexible as well as cheaper than their ancient counterparts; it can easily compete against some of the more modern classes of armour in terms of cost as well as quality and durability. These advantages are a few of the reasons that it's a favourite among civilians travelling to harsher systems and among those wanting to evade the law.
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Stock: 980


924,279 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Combat Armour Datacard
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Handled Shield Datacard  (#6702)
Posted Y17 D223

The handled shield is a hand-carried personal protective device commonly deployed by government agencies and paramilitary organizations seeking to enhance both safety and mission capability. Designed to protect the user from blaster fire, shrapnel and thrown projectiles, the handled shield is most effective during urban and close quarters combat scenarios.

Standard handled shield models are rectangular in shape, though the overall width is bigger at the top than the bottom. They are also manufactured in a number of sizes to accommodate the many races in the galaxy. Every shield consists of a durasteel frame capable of absorbing physical impacts and dissipating light blaster fire. Some models include a large, transparisteel view port which grants the user increased visibility to the front without compromising protection.

The protection offered by the handled shield is highly sought after due to its ability to prevent or mitigate potentially life-threatening injures stemming from hostile fire. Typically wielded in combination with a one-handed melee weapon or a small blaster, it has proven highly effective during dynamic entry situations in which a team of armed soldiers or officers will breach and clear a room suspected of harboring dangerous individuals.
Stock Listing

Stock: 992


772,330 (Avg)
4.89   (1,480 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Handled Shield Datacard
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Riot Sheild Datacard  (#6707)
Posted Y17 D223

The riot shield was created as a means of aiding law enforcement in containing and dispersing large crowds. Its designers were intent on creating a shield capable of combating a variety of scenarios and opted to use a special grade of durasteel, which is already an incredibly strong metal alloy, during production. The results exceeded every expectation and riot shields quickly found widespread use with government and law enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy.

Standard riot shield models are rectangular in shape and offer their wielders a protection zone between the upper leg and neck. The heavy durasteel frame is able to absorb physical impacts and dissipate moderate blaster fire, protecting the wielder from devastating injury. Some models include a transparisteel view port located on the upper portion of the shield to provide better visibility without sacrificing the much desired protection.

One of the most commonly used tactics for the deployment of riot shields is to have a line of armed officers stack up directly behind the shield's wielder, providing frontal protection while allowing direct forward movement. In some cases, an officer should wield a one-handed melee weapon or a small blaster in conjunction with the riot shield.
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Stock: 521


382,500 (Avg)
4.89   (1,480 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Riot Shield Datacard
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SWLTR Suit Datacard  (#6779)
Posted Y17 D224

The SWLTR suit is, in essence, an environmental suit designed for use when in a snowy glacial terrain and will provide complete protection from the elements when worn in conjunction with the SWLTR Helmet. A combination of the two items allows the wearer to regulate their body temperature via a control panel located on the upper right shoulder. The wearer is able to then control heated pads that are installed inside the soft inner suit lining to reduce the risk of frost bite or even death in extreme temperatures.

The suit does have extra benefits other than merely giving the wearer the option to sit for long periods of time in a sub-zero temperature snowfield, while still keeping their body pleasantly warm. Thanks to the dual layer design of the suit, the SWLTR also boasts a tough outer hull over the vulnerable soft inner environmental suit, giving the wearer some useful armour protection. With the combination of being able to keep the wearer warm and protected, the SWLTR suit has found itself well suited for use during arctic warfare, or hunting arctic creatures like the D`oemir bear.
Stock Listing

Stock: 1,000


454,616 (Avg)
4.89   (1,480 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x SWLTR Suit Datacard
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SWLTR Helmet DC  (#6780)
Posted Y17 D224

The SWLTR Helmet has been designed to work in conjunction with its counterpart, the SWLTR Suit. When worn together with the SWLTR suit, the helmet completes the seal for the environmental control system to be engaged. Whilst the SWLTR suit enables the wearer's body temperature to be regulated in sub-zero conditions, the SWLTR helmet has other operations to perform other than merely keeping their face covered from the extremes.
The visor for the SWLTR helmet is designed with a full faced wide angle view, allowing the wearer greater peripheral vision while out on maneuvers. With this unrestricted vision, the wearer has a greater awareness of their surroundings, and thus, a reduced the risk of potential ambush from their foes. The visor also includes thermal imagery technology, allowing the wearer to see alterations in temperature up to 20 meters away. This technology is very useful in arctic conditions, where temperature readings from nearby troops or creatures can be seen even through heavy blizzards or during night maneuvers. The thermal imagery system is not however foolproof and should not always be relied upon as thermal readings can be masked by alternative means, such as Camouflage Scout Armour.
The SWLTR Helmet also boasts an impressive communications system moulded into the helmet's internal casing. The system is able to pick up and transmit information in a wide radius, over a dual layer encryption network, making it near impossible for transmissions to be picked up and decoded. The advantages of this high level encryption system is that the user does not need to be concerned with alerting the enemy of their presence while out on a reconnaissance' mission.
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Stock: 1,000


1,114,802 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x SWLTR Helmet Datacard
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Camouflage Scout Armour  (#7435)
Posted Y17 D353

"The Camouflage Scout Armour utilizes a network of nano-processors which adjust the graphic matrix on the suit's external surfaces to mimic the patterns of light and colour dispersion in the surrounding terrain. Working in correlation with these processors, pattern emitters which decrease the strength of smells left behind, diminish the amount of noise made by crossing uneven terrain, and mask the distinctive heat signatures released by sentients as those of indigenous creatures."
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Stock: 1,000


300,000 (Avg)
4.97   (158 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Camouflage Scout Armour Datacard
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Camouflage Scout Helmet  (#7436)
Posted Y17 D353

"The Camouflage Scout Helmet allows its wearer to view the surrounding terrain through a non-reflective visor which is specially designed to increase the dimorphic properties of an area by differentiating between naturally occurring and artificial colors. It minimizes the cranial radiation signature, and permits nearly silent communication through an interface utilizing an implanted receptor which translates micro-vibrations into sound waves inside the auditory receptors. This system, combined with a sentient interface device operated by eye movement, permits an almost completely silent relay of information between the scout and their leaders."
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Stock: 1,000


300,000 (Avg)
4.97   (158 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Camouflage Scout Helmet Datacard
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Kinetic Armor DC  (#8073)
Posted Y18 D234

This listing is good for one (1) use (6 Kinetic Armor).

Please include the station or factory ID in the credit message or on the DoT market.

DM Calab Carak with any questions.
Stock Listing

Stock: 87


250,000 (Avg)
5   (35 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Kinetic Armour Datacard
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