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The DoT Murk shop will remain closed from D213 to D223. Any past order picked up during the period may have to wait until the shop reopens for makeovers.

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2-1B  (#7388)
Posted Y17 D353

"Like others of its class, this roughly humanoid-appearing medical droid has surgical manipulation appendages, a medical diagnostic computer and a treatment analysis computer. For detailed patient status information, 2-1B relies on medical instrumentation or useful analysis droids like the FX-7."
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Stock: 1,000


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Included In Listing:
          1x 2-1B Datacard
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DD-13 Medical Assistant  (#7389)
Posted Y17 D353

"The DD-13 Medical Assistant droid was originally manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries to be used aboard their medlifter transports. These vehicles proved less successful than first hoped, but this rugged droid found favour among the handlers of Republic contracts, who purchased it in large numbers to aid clone troops on the front lines of battle. Due to its origin and the number of amputations and surgeries these droids had to perform, they were nicknamed "Galactic Chopper Droids" by clone commanders. Nevertheless, despite misgivings about a medical droid made by a company known for heavy machinery, it saw extensive use and continued to remain in service until its contract was cancelled after the fall of the Republic."
Stock Listing

Stock: 1,000


0 (Avg)
4.97   (158 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x DD-13 Medical Assistant Datacard
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FX-7  (#7390)
Posted Y17 D353

"The FX-7 medical assistant is a cylindrical droid with a number of retractable appendages which give it many advantages over medical staff with only two appendages. A large number of sensors help the droid to multitask easily without error, regardless of the alien species being treated. The FX-7 is well suited to monitoring vitals of multiple beings at a time, which makes it a great asset to battlefield wards, maternity wards, or any other high population medical care areas."
Stock Listing

Stock: 1,000


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4.97   (158 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x FX-7 Datacard
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MD Medical Specialist  (#7391)
Posted Y17 D353

"The 2-1B surgical droid might be the most advanced surgical droid on the market but the MD series is the most common droid. It was introduced decades ago, the original Emdees are still in widespread use, and new models and units are produced every day. The MD unit has the same design as the 2-1B droid."
Stock Listing

Stock: 1,000


0 (Avg)
4.97   (158 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x MD Medical Specialist Datacard
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