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YT-2400  (#7557)
Posted Y18 D1
(-195, -256)

The YT-2400 transport was designed with the small scale independent freighter captain in mind. Whilst most new models incorporate the newest technologies, most of the integrated systems in the YT-2400 are at least 10 years behind the times. This was done because other ships like the YT-1210 and the YT-1300 also use these parts so they are easy to come by, thus making it easier to maintain and service the ship in the field.
Keeping in mind that it is a dangerous galaxy, especially for independent operators, the YT-2400 was equipped with a very impressive weapons array for a ship of its size. Knowing the success of its predecessor, the YT-1300, it was elected to maintain the same arms loadout, even though the use of proton torpedo launchers on a cargo ship like this has often been criticized. Not so much because of the firepower, but because these torpedoes are hard to obtain on the general market, essentially giving the independent operators, who are always short on credits, one shot at using the weapons. Because of this, most captains will only use their proton torpedoes as a last resort.

The YT-2400 retains the distinctive saucer hull design of its predecessors, but has many improvements on the classic design. Amongst other things the primary escape pod is located immediately aft of the cockpit for easy access by the flight crew. The cargo holds, located centrally in the hull, make excellent expansion bays for large sensor suites, weapons
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Stock: 38


3,144,200 (Avg)
4.94   (186 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x YT-2400
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YT-510  (#7558)
Posted Y18 D1
(-195, -256)

The YT-510, commonly dubbed the \\\"Legacy-Arcrunner\\\" model, has speed unmatched by any other commonly available ship, boasting significant hyperdrive improvements over the other YT models. Even more impressive are the powerful magnetosphere sublight engines, able to reach almost double the speed of previous models. Regrettably, this came at the cost of room and this ship is able to hold little but a few passengers and their supplies. Further more, it is unarmed, making it at risk to pirates. The speed however should more than make up for it.
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Stock: 6


7,131,239 (Avg)
4.94   (186 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x YT-510
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Barloz-class Freighter  (#7560)
Posted Y18 D1
(-195, -255)

The Barloz-class medium freighter was once one of the most popular vessels to travel the space ways; the YT-1300 of its era. Its size, coupled with durability, made it an ideal craft for freelancers, cargo shippers and smugglers alike. Commonly boasted as the \\\"no frills freighter,\\\" it fit bill and was the first choice of smugglers before the YT series.
Many of the Barloz\\\'s most popular features were passed down to the YT-series based on pilot reviews. The cockpit, for example, was designed to work with a two person crew, but can be manned by just one when needed. Able to carry up to five sentients or droids, the Barloz was designed as a great group transport and includes an underbelly which allows crew and passengers alike to hide in case of emergency. The Nova Quad-D propulsion system installed in the Barloz also inspired the drives used in today’s YT series because of its dependability. The motto for the drive was, \\\"When you leave the port you always make it back home.\\\"
As with all Corellian-made ships, Barloz are customizable to the pilot\\\'s needs. There have been models reported with large amounts of fire power and others with newer hyperdrive units. During the height of the Barloz\\\'s popularity, there were shipbuilders that would specialize in their customization.
Today the Barloz can still be found
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Stock: 5


1,837,177 (Avg)
4.94   (186 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Barloz-class Freighter
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G-1A Transport  (#7563)
Posted Y18 D1
(-195, -255)

The Byblos G-1A is one of the hardier starfighters in the galaxy. It\\\\\\\'s a preferred ambush vessel among pirates and mercenaries due to its good speed, agile movement and the impressive strength of its hull.
The robust nature of the G-1A is due to an innovative durasteel layering technique. The result is that, in order to successfully breach the hull, its enemies must strike the same place several times to break through all seven layers before hitting something vital. The ship\\\\\\\'s strong outer shell has reportedly preserved many an illicit individual while under fire from security forces by taking damage that any other vessel would buckle under.

Despite its ability to take a great deal of punishment, the G-1A can dish out relatively little with only a single pair of heavy lasers. Still, its fair maneuverability and durable nature make the G-1A an ideal dogfighting vessel; the pilot who mocks its light armament soon comes to realize that firepower matters little when your opponent is essentially flying an aerodynamic battering ram.

The Byblos G-1, originally commissioned by the Republic High Command and constructed on Byblos by Byblos Driveyards, was designed as an escape transport/scout vessel and was considered a nimble craft in comparison to its contemporaries. Later, the G-1 was re-designed to compete with the YT-510 and the subsequent G-1A was
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Stock: 67


697,356 (Avg)
4.94   (186 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x G-1A Starfighter
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YT-510 Freighter Near Core  (#8318)
Posted Y18 D346

Ship is complete and ready to fly located in system @ the Mecrotica Trade Hub @ -80, -80. All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly produced by Viraxo Industries and brought to you by Mecrotica.
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Stock: 17


7,131,239 (Avg)
4.96   (112 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x YT-510
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Basic Ambulance Package  (#8368)
Posted Y18 D364
Customized Sprint w/basic medical

Customized ship is complete and ready to fly located in system @ the Mecrotica Trade Hub @ -80, -80. Comes loaded with 1 Bacta Tank, 60 Bacta Refills, 35 Antidotes, 50 Bacta Patches, 70 Healing Sticks, 35 Stimpacks, 2 Medkits, and 2 Laser Scalples. Crated 2-1B Medical Droid, & a random NPC Medic. All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly produced by Viraxo and Xuchpra, then brought to you by Mecrotica.Custom =
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Stock: 3


2,600,132 (Avg)
4.96   (112 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Sprint-class Rescue Craft
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Muurian Transport  (#8471)
Posted Y19 D22

As the design continued the Muurian became less and less a freighter and more a heavily armed corvette with a rather long list of abilities that give it specific advantages over many other transports in the galaxy. Due to its heavy armaments, namely two proton torpedo launchers, two heavy lasers, and two turbolaser batteries, the Muurian is able to present itself as a serious threat to small fighter groups and other light freighters alike.
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Stock: 5


3,250,000 (Avg)
4.96   (112 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Muurian Transport
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Zeta  (#8579)
Posted Y19 D38

Zeta long range shuttle located at KCI Shop! Ship will be made over once credits are recieved!
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1,557,549 (Avg)
5   (46 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle
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YT-2400  (#8609)
Posted Y19 D43
Galactic Position: (-80, -80)

Ship is complete and ready to fly located in system @ the Mecrotica Trade Hub @ -80, -80. All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly brought to you by Mecrotica.
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Stock: 3


3,144,200 (Avg)
4.96   (112 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x YT-2400
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Simiyiar Light Freighter Cheap  (#8672)
Posted Y19 D53
Located at KCI Shop

At KCI we pride ourselves on producing the best products and offering them at bottom line prices. This listing is for a Simiyiar class freighter fresh off the production lines. This small, quick freighter is perfect for small time gigs or quick family trips back home

The price is over 0.5 m below CPM average! Pick yours up today!
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3,028,261 (Avg)
5   (46 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Simiyiar-class Light Freighter
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