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Alazhixazha  (#6616)
Posted Y17 D222

The Alazhixazha has six buoyant wheels, which allow the vehicle to maneuver well in uneven and rough terrain. Four mechanical arms are connected to separate storage compartments, three at the front and one at the back. These arms are designed to mimic the Thyferran Vratix.

Advanced onboard prospecting equipment enables quick tests of soil for nutrients, minerals, and other factors necessary for growing alazhi. If the test is successful then the site is marked and an alazhi farm can be built to harvest this essential element for bacta creation.
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741,299 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Alazhixazha
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FK-7 Airspeeder  (#6618)
Posted Y17 D222

The FK-7 is an ungainly craft used for to aid in the search for minerals and ores. Using technology similar to its ground borne counterpart the SX-65 Groundhog, but with an advanced spectrometer and several additional coil feeds. With these it can scan the surface for promising geological footprints, which it then extrapolates and calculates if a location is worth investigating further. If the location looks promising, it sends minuscule burrowing probes to the surface to perform a more comprehensive scan and report on their findings.
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345,427 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x FK-7 Airspeeder
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64-Y Swift Sled  (#6622)
Posted Y17 D222

Every government has been suffering from trouble with swoop gangs since the invention of the swoop. The usual reaction to this would be to send scout troops, but it was soon discovered that the swoop bikes could easily outrun the military speeder bikes. Irritated by the attitude of these gangs and the destruction they caused a call went out for a military vehicle that could take these gangs on, and thus the 64-Y Swift 3 repulsorlift sled was developed. It is light, fast and capable of outrunning any commercially available swoop bike.

However, just being fast would not stop the gangs. The bikers needed to be captured as well. For this purpose the 64-Y is equipped with medium blasters designed to shoot down the swoops, leaving their rider to plummet to the ground, where he can be captured.

Unlike the swoop bikes that are mostly controlled with the knees, the repulsorlift sled uses two manual control sticks with built in targeting controls, while the secondary control functions can be performed by the feet. This way the pilot can both operate the sled at high speed and fire at targets.
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275,000 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsorlift Sled
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Benetti B-68  (#6623)
Posted Y17 D222

With the marine craft market mainly dominated by military ships and submarines, engineers from Haor Chall Engineering and Uukaablis Trans-Systems attending a conference on Malastare had an idea. They came up with a craft that could appeal to both the wealthy and average citizen of the galaxy, the Benetti B-68.

An ample passenger allotment was added to the craft, allowing the owner to hold small gatherings or for seafaring hunters to be joined by their armed retinue. This was combined with an above average maneuverability and moderate speed to allow the Benetti B-68 flexibility in navigating the dangers of oceans found across the galaxy. There is also a spacious two ton storage capacity for storing whatever may be needed while on board.

In Year 12, the Akheton Conglomerate purchased the ailing Haor Chall Engineering and rebranded it as Akheton Vehicle Corporation, also known as AVC. This gave them unlimited access to the blueprints of the marine craft. A few years later, Uukaablis Trans-Systems would dissolve and leave AVC as the sole provider for the Benetti B-68.

Wealthy citizens of the galaxy, who see the craft as more of a luxury yacht, often utilize it for private parties or small events to impress potential clients and partners. Tradesman and lower-class citizens from all across the galaxy have found additional uses for it, which range from hunting craft to a mobile home. The common sighting and popularity of these ships have led to one of the designers making the boast that "where there is an ocean, you will always find a Benetti B-68."
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792,741 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Benetti B-68
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Bongo Sub  (#6624)
Posted Y17 D222

Using techniques as mysterious as those they employ to build their cities, the Gungans create the Bongo’s basic structure by growing it from a secret organic substance. As this material develops, it forms a remarkably sturdy frame. Being organically grown, the skeleton of the craft remains flexible, and so it is then covered with a hard hull that resembles a polished shell. Despite this extra protective layer, the bongo’s exterior remains vulnerable to damage by creatures that lurk in the galaxy's seas. So that it can travel more easily in the darkest underwater depths, the bongo is equipped with bioluminescent pods. These release organic light produced by electro sensitive mass and fungi.

The bongo's cockpit consists of a main bubble with enough room to seat four passengers. Flanking the cockpit are two further bubbles designed to carry cargo. These bubbles are maintained by the same principles that create the hydrostatic fields enclosing the Gungans' cities. Energy is released from a positively charged unit, located just beneath the cockpit, and then directed towards the negatively charged receivers placed beside the passenger compartment. When the hydrostatic field is activated, the bubbles are sealed, holding the air inside and the water outside. This energy field can be modified at will, but travelers new to the bongo may not be reassured to learn that only a thin film of energy separates them from the wideness of the sea and all its terrifying monsters.

Navigation controls in the craft include a basic steering yoke and throttle. Two monitors relay information gathered by the vehicle’s main sensor. Sensitive tracking sensors, meanwhile, gather data readings regarding the waters density in different underwater regions.
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1,135,684 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Bongo Sub
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Heavy Cargo MK II  (#6626)
Posted Y17 D222

Built for intercontinental transport, the Heavy Cargo MKII is the top rate hauler for the sea. Able to travel as fast as most other boats, it can transport many thousand tons of cargo without stopping. The materials it can carry can construct a small city and when the speed is once again considered it is a formidable planet based hauler. Used infrequently due to its inability to travel on land, it has found use on many water bound worlds similar to Kamino. Carrying around twenty crewmembers, a limited sensor suite and no weapons, the MKII is good at what it does, but not much else. It requires an escort wherever it goes in order to protect itself from those who would raid shipments of these valuable minerals.
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Stock: 16


1,748,635 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Heavy Cargo Mk II
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Heavy Transport Barge  (#6627)
Posted Y17 D222

The Heavy Transport Barge (HTB) is an aging design, developed during the Clone Wars to move troops and equipment in hostile territory. To keep its occupants and supplies as well protected as possible, offensive weaponry was kept out of the design, which allowed more room for shielding and armor. As a result, the HTB must rely on armed escorts to keep its enemies at bay. Due to the added weight of its reinforced hull, the HTB is relatively slow compared to modern barges. However, because of its large payload capacity and the sheer number produced during the war, the HTB is still in widespread use throughout the galaxy.
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Stock: 50


639,975 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Heavy Transport Barge
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Hover Transport TC9  (#6628)
Posted Y17 D222

During the initial design stages, the TC9 was primarily envisioned as a cargo vehicle. However, in order to help gain a wider market appeal for their concept, Loratus Manufacturing decided to redesign the vehicle for use in combat. They did so by adding an improved sensor array, two forward facing heavy blasters, and a more powerful engine. With these additions, new investors became interested in the vehicle and the potential it promised.

Initially, this lead to a promising release by Loratus Manufacturing, however the vehicle's positive reception soon waned. Seeking other ways to make their product successful, Loratus decided to release the blueprints to their fellow vehicle production companies, seeing more financial promise in allowing others to develop the product further.

Due to the versatility that the TC9 offers, it has become popular with paramilitary groups of all types for quick, strategic missions. These groups, as well as other similar parties, are often interested to see what possible modifications could be made to the hover transport next, allowing the vehicle to retain a place on the galactic market despite more popular competition.
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960,795 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Hover Transport TC9
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Mobquet A-1  (#6631)
Posted Y17 D222

The Mobquet A-1 deluxe floater was a capsule-shaped landspeeder with a pod-like cockpit seating a pilot and passenger in single file. It was a cheap, basic landspeeder that featured automated steering and fine Corellian leather. The speeder's six external RS-J24 thruster modules propel the A-1 at speeds of around 200 kilometers per hour. A series of inlet ports on the rounded nose draws in air to cool the engines, but the A-1 suffers from insulation problems, noise pollution and the risk of exterior odours filtering into the cockpit.
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489,544 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Mobquet A-1 Deluxe Floater
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MTV-7  (#6632)
Posted Y17 D222

Manufactured by several medium to large engineering conglomerates, the MTV-7 is a single seat all terrain reconnaissance vehicle used by many security departments attached to low level mining and prospecting operations. Their popularity has also seen local constabularies and police forces use them to good effect as light patrol vehicles, as it is able to cover ground quickly and efficiently. Herders and farmers have also used these vehicles to defend their livestock from rustlers. It is not known who the designers of the MTV-7 were, but early examples were in use by the Imperial Army during their inception.

The light and medium blasters on this vehicle make good use of the swivel mounting and are placed on the same fitting in front of the driver for maximum advantage when targeting. Designed as an all-terrain vehicle, the MTV-7 has two barrel-like wheels both held in place by side arm actuators; this configuration allows the open topped cockpit compartment of the vehicle to remain steady at all times. Although fast and fairly manoeuvrable for a small wheeled vehicle, the benefits are few compared to the disadvantages.

Not designed to resist major attacks or participate in battle the MTV-7 has little armour, ionic capacity and sensors. Though in the past, several upgrades and modifications have been attempted to make this vehicle combat capable but all have proven fruitless. It is still valuable in its original purposes being used as a reconnaissance and light patrol vehicle. The popularity of the vehicle has declined in recent years but it can still be sighted in some places across the galaxy.
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          1x MTV-7
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