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As a reminder when purchasing from DoT Asrat, packaging of items and vehicle/RM pick-up occur on the 1st-3rd and 15th-17th of each month. Please plan your pick-ups accordingly.

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SX-65 Groundhog  (#6619)
Posted Y17 D222

The Groundhog is a sturdy vehicle built for scanning and surveying purposes. It has a 360 degree revolving scanning array mounted on the top of the vehicle. The scanning array is connected to a state of the art electronics system allowing data to be analyzed quickly and efficiently, providing accurate output information. This allows the Groundhog to locate future mining locations quickly in order to commence mining as soon as possible.

The Groundhog is designed as a rather broad and flat vehicle to keep it balanced; this design is so efficient that the vehicle is stable even when traveling on the slopes of a mountain or rather rugged terrain. The vehicle has two small cockpit-windowpanes, made of transparisteel, and moderate armour plating for protection against falling rocks and extreme heat. The light armour combined with the higher than average speed, allow it to escape from and survive most light attacks.
Stock Listing

Stock: 68


2,635,714 (Avg)
4.88   (1,319 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x SX-65 Groundhog
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AT-PT  (#6621)
Posted Y17 D222

The All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) is a single-seater, anti-infantry walker. Originally designed in the Old Republic era, its main purpose was to put a single soldier into a combat situation and allow him to defeat an entire infantry squad. AT-PTs were usually accompanied by light mechanized infantry troops for cover against enemy fire. Republic engineers later used the main concepts of the AT-PT to design the AT-ST and AT-AT. The AT-PT consists of a central command pod and two side-mounted legs. The legs could be extended for full observation capacity, or contracted to the 'half-crouch' position for maximum speed. A primitive sensor package was installed into the cockpit to allow for easy navigation across the terrain and simple enemy targeting. The AT-PT is armed with a nose-mounted twin blaster cannon and a chin-mounted concussion grenade launcher. These weapons are extremely efficient against infantry, but proved to be ineffective against other ground vehicles. The vehicle has light armor, but it makes up for it in its higher-than-average speed and its superior balance on uneven terrain.
Stock Listing

Stock: 72


670,000 (Avg)
4.88   (1,319 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x AT-PT
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Sandcrawler  (#8103)
Posted Y18 D259

1x Sandcrawler
Located at the Cybot Galactica Sales Depot
Sector: Sprizen
System: Asher
Planet: Asher I
Stock Listing

Stock: 6


6,480,391 (Avg)
4.91   (74 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Sandcrawler
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Overlord Challanger #2  (#10609)
Posted Y19 D294
Become the new Slug Overlord

Yes this listing is higher, thats because I now listed all entities involved at TFM avg price. That does not mean you still can't make a good offer, it just means your offer now needs to be better.

The term of Overlord Lopez has come to an end and with that a long and bountifull reign over the GSA.

Purchase this listing to receive complete control of the GSA upon winning the election. Election is held in form of a grudgematch that will start as soon as all slots have been taken.
In addendum to what is listed here the winner of the grudgematch will receive ownership of this shop and anything on raffle by the GSA.

Credit infusion to level of current ticket value in shop (you get that lettus.)
1 request for Nurple.
City Sluggocopeia 68%free
Sector: Emmo
System: Chamm (30, -40)
Planet: Chamm II (18, 18)
Surface: (13, 9)
Sprint is full of medical supplies.
Offers in form of any assets will be considered.
As Slug Overlord you determine the future of the GSA.
Commes with 28 player character subscribers to do with as you see fit!

1st Candidate - Orion Jenru
2nd Candidate - tba
Candidates are allowed to campaign from the moment they paid their bill.
Single Sale

285,076,209 OR BEST OFFER

265,348,010 (Avg)
4.95   (59 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Golan II
          1x Luxury Space Colony
          2x Granite Slug
          1x Corellian Sand Panther
          1x Spice Grub
          1x Tauntaun
          1x Slashrat
          1x Quizzer
          1x Common Thranta
          1x Forest Ranger
          2x Republic Gunship
          2x WLO 5 Speeder Tank
          8x AT RT Walker
          1x Clone Blaze Trooper Armor
          1x Razor-class Starfighter
          1x Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
          3x DX-9 Dropship
          1x Sprint-class Rescue Craft
          1x City Slab
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