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SX-65 Groundhog  (#6619)
Posted Y17 D222

The Groundhog is a sturdy vehicle built for scanning and surveying purposes. It has a 360 degree revolving scanning array mounted on the top of the vehicle. The scanning array is connected to a state of the art electronics system allowing data to be analyzed quickly and efficiently, providing accurate output information. This allows the Groundhog to locate future mining locations quickly in order to commence mining as soon as possible.

The Groundhog is designed as a rather broad and flat vehicle to keep it balanced; this design is so efficient that the vehicle is stable even when traveling on the slopes of a mountain or rather rugged terrain. The vehicle has two small cockpit-windowpanes, made of transparisteel, and moderate armour plating for protection against falling rocks and extreme heat. The light armour combined with the higher than average speed, allow it to escape from and survive most light attacks.
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          1x SX-65 Groundhog
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MTV-7  (#6632)
Posted Y17 D222

Manufactured by several medium to large engineering conglomerates, the MTV-7 is a single seat all terrain reconnaissance vehicle used by many security departments attached to low level mining and prospecting operations. Their popularity has also seen local constabularies and police forces use them to good effect as light patrol vehicles, as it is able to cover ground quickly and efficiently. Herders and farmers have also used these vehicles to defend their livestock from rustlers. It is not known who the designers of the MTV-7 were, but early examples were in use by the Imperial Army during their inception.

The light and medium blasters on this vehicle make good use of the swivel mounting and are placed on the same fitting in front of the driver for maximum advantage when targeting. Designed as an all-terrain vehicle, the MTV-7 has two barrel-like wheels both held in place by side arm actuators; this configuration allows the open topped cockpit compartment of the vehicle to remain steady at all times. Although fast and fairly manoeuvrable for a small wheeled vehicle, the benefits are few compared to the disadvantages.

Not designed to resist major attacks or participate in battle the MTV-7 has little armour, ionic capacity and sensors. Though in the past, several upgrades and modifications have been attempted to make this vehicle combat capable but all have proven fruitless. It is still valuable in its original purposes being used as a reconnaissance and light patrol vehicle. The popularity of the vehicle has declined in recent years but it can still be sighted in some places across the galaxy.
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          1x MTV-7
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Sandcrawler  (#6634)
Posted Y17 D222

The Sandcrawler is a large, heavy, slow-moving machine. It runs on eight tracks, each powered by a separate steam-powered, nuclear fission engine. Since half the vehicle's volume is devoted to cargo storage, the Sandcrawler is perfect for transporting large amounts of goods across difficult terrain.

Originally designed to transport mining ores on Corellia, the Sandcrawler was later brought to Tatooine when the planet was first settled as a mining colony. However, the ore mined seemed to have unwanted metallurgic properties, so the mines were shut down and the Sandcrawlers discarded. The native Jawas reclaimed the vehicles and used them for scavenging purposes.

The front side of the transport consisted of a large ramp that opened to allow access to the large cargo hold. Many small hatches, located between the treads, also provided access to the behemoth's interior. An extendable magnetic suction tube was available for drawing ore, but was later used by the Jawas to suck droids and other scavenged equipment into the cargo bay.
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          1x Sandcrawler
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(4) MTV-7s  (#9942)
Posted Y19 D175
Get Your MTV!

These speeders are located on a unshielded Quest planet in the nearby Herglic sector:

Sector: Herglic Space
System: Giju (-50, -100)
Planet: Giju (10, 7)
City: Flexing Habitual (5, 4)
Ground: (5, 2)

All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly brought to you by Mecrotica.
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          4x MTV-7
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