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FK-7 Airspeeder  (#6618)
Posted Y17 D222

The FK-7 is an ungainly craft used for to aid in the search for minerals and ores. Using technology similar to its ground borne counterpart the SX-65 Groundhog, but with an advanced spectrometer and several additional coil feeds. With these it can scan the surface for promising geological footprints, which it then extrapolates and calculates if a location is worth investigating further. If the location looks promising, it sends minuscule burrowing probes to the surface to perform a more comprehensive scan and report on their findings.
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Included In Listing:
          1x FK-7 Airspeeder
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U-9000 Z001  (#6636)
Posted Y17 D222

Originally designed as an escape pod, the U-9000 was eventually retrofitted to be a small planetary personnel transport for engineers and workers. Aerodynamically designed as a smooth globe, up to 3 workers can be moved to loading sites near mines to load materials onto transports. The ZOO1 can then ascend to the atmosphere and be collected in slower large shuttles, simplifying the goods loading/unloading process and saving hours of travel time by giving slower transports less distance to travel. Private merchants also use these for planetary exploration and when furnished, as personal transports. These are fast, reliable and easy to modify personnel transports with room for small amounts of gear. Primarily, the U-9000 is designed for goods loading transport and as such is simplified and little more than a protective shell.
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Included In Listing:
          1x U-9000 Z001
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V-35 Courier  (#6638)
Posted Y17 D222

Sleek, shiny, and armoured, the V-35 Courier is an ideal way to travel through the harsher areas of the galaxy. With its angular nose, tinted view shield, polished metallic exterior, and dense armored plates this speeder mixes style with safety and seats three people. However, due to its added strength and appearance, it is unable to reach the same high speeds met by other speeders, though still powerful enough to keep up with most traffic. Supported by several of repulsorlift thrusters, propelled by three scaled-down rear thruster ports and powered by a large barrel-shaped fission generator located in the rear, reliability of power is ensured.
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          1x V-35 Courier
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V-35 Courier  (#7784)
Posted Y18 D65

Located here:
Sector: Chommel
System: Naboo (140, -268)
Planet: Ohma D`un (3, 8)
City: TFC Ohma D`un 00-00 (0, 0)
Ground: (0, 5)
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Included In Listing:
          1x V-35 Courier
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THX-1138 Void Spider  (#7894)
Posted Y18 D129
(110, 153)

The Void Spider is a shuttle variant of the popular TX-3, large enough to carry four people along with a fair amount of cargo. It boasts a clear dome-shaped fuselage cover that allows complete viewing of the surrounding area. With directional repulsors located at the end of its landing struts, the Void Spider is capable of rapid deceleration and turning. Using the repulsors, a dexterous pilot can slip the Void Spider onto its side to fit through tight spaces. It is favored for civilian scouting missions since its lack of armament often causes it to be ignored by authorities, and the combination of speed, maneuverability and a sturdy hull allows it to escape mercenaries.
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Included In Listing:
          1x THX-1138 Void Spider
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TC9S @ Nimban  (#10123)
Posted Y19 D223

Located in the NPC city on Nimban for ease of pick up
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976,272 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Hover Transport TC9
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Air-2 Swoop on Nimban  (#10758)
Posted Y20 D77

Darkness planet, located at the most recent Swap Meet.

Sector: Hutt Space
System: Nimban (340, 60)
Planet: Nimban (10, 6)
Surface: (7, 1)
Ground: (9, 11)

Others are available at this location.

Buyer sends first or we use a trusted middlesentient such as Dac or Syn.
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7,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

7,000,000 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Air-2 Swoop
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008 Heavy Landspeeder  (#10873)
Posted Y20 D28

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Included In Listing:
          1x 008 Heavy Landspeeder
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TC9S @ Af'el  (#10933)
Posted Y20 D59

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976,272 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          1x Hover Transport TC9
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