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Benetti B-68  (#6623)
Posted Y17 D222

With the marine craft market mainly dominated by military ships and submarines, engineers from Haor Chall Engineering and Uukaablis Trans-Systems attending a conference on Malastare had an idea. They came up with a craft that could appeal to both the wealthy and average citizen of the galaxy, the Benetti B-68.

An ample passenger allotment was added to the craft, allowing the owner to hold small gatherings or for seafaring hunters to be joined by their armed retinue. This was combined with an above average maneuverability and moderate speed to allow the Benetti B-68 flexibility in navigating the dangers of oceans found across the galaxy. There is also a spacious two ton storage capacity for storing whatever may be needed while on board.

In Year 12, the Akheton Conglomerate purchased the ailing Haor Chall Engineering and rebranded it as Akheton Vehicle Corporation, also known as AVC. This gave them unlimited access to the blueprints of the marine craft. A few years later, Uukaablis Trans-Systems would dissolve and leave AVC as the sole provider for the Benetti B-68.

Wealthy citizens of the galaxy, who see the craft as more of a luxury yacht, often utilize it for private parties or small events to impress potential clients and partners. Tradesman and lower-class citizens from all across the galaxy have found additional uses for it, which range from hunting craft to a mobile home. The common sighting and popularity of these ships have led to one of the designers making the boast that "where there is an ocean, you will always find a Benetti B-68."
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          1x Benetti B-68
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Bongo Sub  (#6624)
Posted Y17 D222

Using techniques as mysterious as those they employ to build their cities, the Gungans create the Bongo’s basic structure by growing it from a secret organic substance. As this material develops, it forms a remarkably sturdy frame. Being organically grown, the skeleton of the craft remains flexible, and so it is then covered with a hard hull that resembles a polished shell. Despite this extra protective layer, the bongo’s exterior remains vulnerable to damage by creatures that lurk in the galaxy's seas. So that it can travel more easily in the darkest underwater depths, the bongo is equipped with bioluminescent pods. These release organic light produced by electro sensitive mass and fungi.

The bongo's cockpit consists of a main bubble with enough room to seat four passengers. Flanking the cockpit are two further bubbles designed to carry cargo. These bubbles are maintained by the same principles that create the hydrostatic fields enclosing the Gungans' cities. Energy is released from a positively charged unit, located just beneath the cockpit, and then directed towards the negatively charged receivers placed beside the passenger compartment. When the hydrostatic field is activated, the bubbles are sealed, holding the air inside and the water outside. This energy field can be modified at will, but travelers new to the bongo may not be reassured to learn that only a thin film of energy separates them from the wideness of the sea and all its terrifying monsters.

Navigation controls in the craft include a basic steering yoke and throttle. Two monitors relay information gathered by the vehicle’s main sensor. Sensitive tracking sensors, meanwhile, gather data readings regarding the waters density in different underwater regions.
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          1x Bongo Sub
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Heavy Cargo MK II  (#6626)
Posted Y17 D222

Built for intercontinental transport, the Heavy Cargo MKII is the top rate hauler for the sea. Able to travel as fast as most other boats, it can transport many thousand tons of cargo without stopping. The materials it can carry can construct a small city and when the speed is once again considered it is a formidable planet based hauler. Used infrequently due to its inability to travel on land, it has found use on many water bound worlds similar to Kamino. Carrying around twenty crewmembers, a limited sensor suite and no weapons, the MKII is good at what it does, but not much else. It requires an escort wherever it goes in order to protect itself from those who would raid shipments of these valuable minerals.
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          1x Heavy Cargo Mk II
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Benetti B-68  (#8958)
Posted Y19 D67

This boat is located on a unshielded Quest planet in the nearby Herglic sector:

Sector: Herglic Space

System: Giju (-50, -100)

Planet: Giju (10, 7)

City: Flexing Habitual (5, 4)

All sales are subject to the shops terms and conditions, as well as the DoTs terms and conditions. Proudly brought to you by Mecrotica.
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          1x Benetti B-68
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U/U/U Heavy Cargo MK2 on SERROCO  (#8986)
Posted Y19 D69
(100, 195)

In the starport city on Serroco, U/U/U (100, 195)
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1,748,635 (Avg)
Seller: Daehd Moroz
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Included In Listing:
          1x Heavy Cargo Mk II
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