Year 19 Day 85   Time: 10:26
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Homon Sector  (#8797)
Posted Y19 D62
12x12 FI Planet + 1x1 Asteroid

Complete control of the system and sector. DM for additional info such as planetary stats.
Single Sale

13,000,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

1,087,133,610,844 (Avg)
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Included In Listing:
          145x City Slab
          1x Trading II
          2x Golan I
          1x Workers Compound
          4x Warehouse
          582x Tavern
          1x Starport
          345x Skyscraper 100 flats
          17x Shield Generator
          1x Semi-detached House
          8x Prison
          429x Power Generator
          21x Personal Residence
          126x Palace
          566x Office
          13x Mine
          2x Landing Pad
          580x Hotel
          3x Holonet Communication Centre
          5x High Rise Building 50 flats
          2x Hangar
          288x Garage
          721x Fountain
          2x Council Flats
          2x Computer Control Centre
          39x Civic Centre
          863x Barracks
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SY4 20% price drop, 30m below "avg"  (#9190)
Posted Y19 D80
@ Galactic Position: (1x, 9x)

Exact location hidden for buyer security and protection. Buyer sends first.
Single Sale


130,000,000 (Avg)
5   (14 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Shipyard IV
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Deep Space Golan II (near the core)  (#9219)
Posted Y19 D82
160,10 - 10,10

Fully completed space station comes with a complementary force of riflemen and melee defenders, they really wanted to stay.. who am I to say no to them.

I'd ask you not to fire them, but let's be fair, that really isn't my business now is it?


As a middle i'll accept Dac Kain or Tanez Kalrade.
Single Sale

100,000,000 OR BEST OFFER

45,000,000 (Avg)
Seller: Altair Lopez
5   (1 Reviews) View

Included In Listing:
          1x Golan II
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