3PO Protocol Droid w/Lifetime
Lifetime Warranty

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1x 3PO Protocol Droid
Located at the Cybot Galactica Sales Depot
Sector: Sprizen
System: Asher (122,302)
Planet: Asher I (6,2)

As with all Cybot Galactica droids, these 3PO Protocol Droids come with a lifetime guarantee. In the event the droid becomes damaged at any point during it's lifetime, it can be brought to the Cybot Galactica Sales Depot to be replaced with a new model.

Please inform us 2-3 days before you arrive for pickup so that we can arrange for your purchase to be ready when you arrive.
Public Limit: Unlimited
Citizen Limit: Unlimited
Faction Limit: Unlimited
NFG Limit: Unlimited

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3PO Protocol Droid