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Bank of the Core

Shop Location: Mondress System, (0,0)

Shop Description:

The Bank of the Core is one of the Galaxy’s oldest and most prestigious financial institutions, and is the leading bank for countless private individuals, groups, corporations, and governments.

We specialise in a wide array of financial services and products, including personal and corporate banking, central bank operations, currency minting, escrow accounts, trading services and more.

We have been helping to protect and grow the wealth of our clients, their families and businesses for over ten thousand years.

The security and privacy of our clients is paramount, and we offer a unique numbered account system which allows anonymous payments to be made.

For further details of products and services available, please visit our HoloSite:

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

The Bank of the Core's Banking Code can be found here:


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