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Genetech Corporation

Shop Location: Oshora System, (265,-310)

Shop Description:

Genetech Corporation is a medical research development company based in the Tolonda Sector. Genetech Corporation has been known by previous brands as the company switched hands and evolved as a business through the years. The company under its current form pridefully serves the public sector by providing excellent medical items, droid, and ships through the markets.

Genetech Corporation has become a leading medical supply and research firm in the galaxy. Having shown consistent success at reaching new heights under the The Sith Imperiums support. The company continued to grow and expand its operations in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Genetech Corporation currently provides supplies to the general public and continues to spend billions into researching new medical technologies.

Genetech Corporation is apart of a government that houses multiple factions to provide many opportunities in the galaxy.

Apply today for a career or join our discord.

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Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Package requires Payment in full.
Unless stated otherwise, everything is undocked, undamaged, unmoving.
Delivery can be arranged with Genetech Corporation for an agreed upon pricing, provided pilots are available.


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