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The Baktoid Armour Workshop shop will be closed from D247 to D256. Response to administrative and support requests may be slower during the same period.

CSA - Hiit Hub

Shop Location: Corporate Sector>Hiit System System, (320,388)

Shop Description:

Located in the North-East outer rim, Corporate Sector Authority - Hiit Hub caters to clients seeking Trade Federation licensed product for personal or faction use in and around the region.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

Buyer sends first on all orders below 250,000,000 credits. Above this amount, if necessary, TF authorized middles are acceptable with prior arrangement being made when purchasing product from this shop.

As a licensed producer of TF products, any product sold on this shop is subject to the terms and conditions of the TF Licensing Program, namely, no product on this shop may be purchased by any individual or faction on the TF Blacklist or Thief List. All purchases made by such individuals or organizations will be subject to immediate reversal of purchase.


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