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The Baktoid Armour Workshop shop will be closed from D247 to D256. Response to administrative and support requests may be slower during the same period.

Black Hole Manufacturing

Shop Location: Glom Tho System, (-123,172)

Shop Description:

From the humble beginnings brought forth by a small group of innovators with a desire to build, Black Hole Manufacturing has managed to build more than just a simple name for themselves, but a new way of tailoring their business to the needs of the customer.

With customer satisfaction being the number one priority, they are not satisfied until each and every customer leaves with a smile on their face and a product of the finest quality. With CEO Peter Kurten at the helm, and backed by a resilient board of directors, this company is driven by their independence and ability to be self-reliant as they forge a strong brand that will put even the biggest producers to the test. All of the qualities are further enhanced with the full support of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortium as a Protectorate. Under their banner, Black Hole Manufacturing soars to new heights and passes on the benefits to their customers.

Each day this company takes on new contracts and finds innovative ways to expand their capabilities ensuring a wide selection of every day goods are made available to their growing list of clients without compromising the values this company was founded on.

Integrity. Honor. Transparency.

You can be sure that with Black Hole Manufacturing, your orders will be completed efficiently and correctly, and with the utmost care.

Black Hole Manufacturing. Satisfaction so great, it’s legendary.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)


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