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Rare and Very Useful YT-1210  (#14245)
Posted Y22 D158
One of the best YTs around

Honestly, this is probably my favorite from the YT series, boasting the following advantages:

* Quite fast among freighters, like it's YT-sisters

* Awesome sensor power, making it easy for you to track down enemies

* Biggest cargo capacity among the YT series, this is a must if you often transport merchandise

* The passenger capacity can be *largely* boosted by docking certain vehicles: this way you can easily accommodate a full bounty-hunting party

For these reasons, this is a very versatile ship, great for traders, transport pilots and even bounty-hunters.

Location is relatively central to the galaxy, but I am planning to take it for a last goodbye ride before selling it, so feel free to contact me if location is an important issue for you. Being busy, I am unable to deliver it to your door, but depending in my flight plan, there is also the chance that I can drop it off at a place close to you.

Please allow few days to complete the deal, since I'm not always very active.

Buyer sends first or we use a mutually agreed upon middle.
Single Sale


24,000,000 (Avg)
Seller: Riax Tardes
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Included In Listing:
          1x YT-1210
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