M-Class Peacekeeper Pre-order

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Seller: Byblos Drive Yards
Shop: BDY @ Rseik
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Trader? Diplomat? Politician? Just wealthy?!

This is your means of transportation.
Travel in style, in luxury, impress your host.

Stationary in sector Rseik (90, -441) at System Position: (10, 0)
M-class Luxury Liner with J-type 327 Starship as squad with N1 Starfighters in dockingbay.
Items are on gravsled in capitalship entrance guarded by a sentry droid.
FA-4 pilot in capitalship cockpit, RX pilot in freighter cockpit.

Warship NPC pilot; Lvl 9 with 8 free skillpoints
We charge them XP*100 credits

The fine print: 50% of the listing cost must be sent to Byblos Drive Yards before production begins, once production starts, the remaining 50% can be sent at anytime during the production period. Once ship is made over, please leave BDY commander so it can be moved to deepspace.

Please DM James Ices with any questions
Public Limit: Unlimited
Citizen Limit: Unlimited
Faction Limit: Unlimited
NFG Limit: Unlimited

Included in Listing

M-class Luxury Liner

J-type 327 Starship

N-1 Starfighter



Crafting Kit

Anti-Grav Sled

FA-4 Pilot

RX Pilot

TT-8L Sentry