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Hyperspace aborting calculator  (#9057)
Posted Y19 D72

This listing provides one individual access to the calculator. Sharing of the calculator is not allowed, please respect this. Calculator does not take hidden systems into account. Calculator features lifetime guarantee, if it is inaccurate I will personally fix it. If you wish to buy it for a group, please DM Jic Uiji to negotiate rates for that.
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14,274,929 (Avg)
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GSA Lifetime Subscription  (#9563)
Posted Y19 D101
Galactic Slugging Association

As a subscriber you will receive the following benefits:

-1 Free raffle ticket for any of the frequent raffles hosted by the GSA on each raffle.
-An interview with you exclusively regarding your pet Slug and you, with full artistic freedom on both sides.
-An exclusive enhancement treatment by specialist Altair Lopez. Simply assign Altair Lopez as master and within a week you will see the results! (A small and large custom image applied to one of your beloved pet Granite Slugs )
-Free admission to the breeding program as stated on the Holosite.
-If you do not have a Granite Slug and wish to obtain one of perfect breed, you can be placed on the waiting list of our special breeding project and a specimen will be selectively set aside for you to obtain.

For a lifetime subscription to the Galactic Slugging Association, you only require making a one time donation of 10 million credits!

buy this listing: Send 10,000,000 credits to Altair Lopez and receive all previously named benefits.

please be warned that:
1 subscription per sentient is allowed, for more information please visit our Holosite.
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Big 50 Cerberus Stocks Raffle!!  (#9881)
Posted Y19 D160


Tickets: 15/30

Seller: Jaereed Welk
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Cerberus Stock  (#10134)
Posted Y19 D225

Be a stockholder of the amazing Cerberus Corporation.
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