Year 21 Day 8   Time: 13:03
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New Republic Central Market

Shop Location: Celegia System, (7,12)

Shop Description:

VACATION from August 15th to September 5th 2019

Welcome to the New Republic shop.

Here you can purchase all publicly available datacards owned by the New Republic and its Nationalized Corporations: Incom Corporation (Ships), Industrial Automaton (Droids), Merr-Sonn Technologies (Items and Weapons), Republic Medical (Medical Products) and Ubrikkian Industries (Vehicles).

For questions about specific products please contact the respective faction leader.

Available discounts:
NR citizen discount: 30%
GA citizen discount: 20%
Dozen / 100+ batches discount: 15%
1000+ batches discount: 20%

Minister of Trade and Industry Tengri Lethas

By placing orders at our shop you accept our Additional Terms.

Shop Terms:
(Additional to the Department of Trade Terms and Conditions)

The New Republic and its Nationalized Corporations reserve the right to limit or deny any order, additionally to any rules enforced by the Trade Federation Market.

The New Republic and its Nationalized Corporations refuse to conduct business with groups, their members, or individuals on the New Republic Trade Ban or Criminal Organizations lists (links below), regardless if they are able to order via the Trade Federation Market or not.

The New Republic and its Nationalized Corporations reserve the right to revoke all datacards from factories or stations owned by groups or individuals on the Trade Ban or Criminal Organizations lists, without notice or refund. The customer is obliged to inform the New Republic or the corresponding Nationalized Corporation about any changes in ownership of production entities.

TB List:
CO List:


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